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If you want to play Multiuniversum by yourself, feel free to try the solo play variant. It may be a great way to learn the game rules before explaining them to your friends.

When playing solo, perform the game setup normally. Choose a scientist marker for yourself and another one for the virtual player. Place the proper lab cards on the table and the scientists on their corresponding transformer cards (the cards matching the color of a given player's marker).

Don't draw a hand of cards for the A.I., he doesn't have one. Just the scientist and the lab.

Start the game as normal. Once you have finished your turn, resolve the virtual player's turn. The virtual player draws no cards. Instead, each turn he draws 2 cards and automatically adds them as tools place those cards under his lab card. If the row of tools becomes too long, just stack them based on identical icons.

If the virtual player can seal a portal above the transformer he is currently on, he does this. In that situation, discard any required tools from under his lab card and place the sealed portal card under his lab card.

Then, move his scientist marker to the next transformer in the clockwise direction and end his turn.

If the virtual player cannot seal a portal, move his scientist marker to the next transformer in the clockwise direction and end his turn.

End of the Game

The game ends immediately when 3 portal stacks have been depleted. This is a real speed challenge, so keep thinking or you will lose the game!

At the end of the game, count your score normally. Then, it is time to check how many DP the virtual player has managed to gain:

  • Count DP for his sealed portals.
  • The virtual player loses no DP for unused tools.
  • Check the sets of dimension icons and arrange the cards so that they bring the most DP.
  • Add up all DP from the sources mentioned above to get the final score.

Finally, compare your score with the virtual player's score. Whoever gets the highest score, wins the game!

If you really like competition, you may even start recording your scores!

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