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Rating: 6 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 20 minutes

Created by: Darren Kisgen

Published by: Gamewright, White Goblin Games

Alternate Names: Drakenwoud


Dragonwood is a large forest in the south of the kingdom. You are adventurers on a journey through the enchanted forest of Dragonwood. The players take on the role of adventurers traveling through the magical forest of Dragonwood by playing cards and rolling dice to defeat creatures and capture magical items.

Enhancements are a very important, even though they don't give players any victory points for capturing them.

There are 3 ways to capture cards, you can strike, stomp, or scream. In order to capture cards, your roll must match or surpass the value printed on the card you are attempting to capture.

The game ends when either both dragons have been captured or the adventure deck has been played through twice.

The player that ends with the most points will be declared the winner.

Retail Price:$12
Mensa Select Winner 2015

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Game Components

  • 108 cards, divided in to two decks:

    • 64 Adventurer cards
    • 42 Dragonwood cards
    • 2 Turn summary cards
  • 6 custom dice


Remove the 2 turn summary cards and then split the rest of the cards into two decks according to card back.

Sort through the Dragonwood deck (green back) and note that there are three different types of cards: Creatures (green background), Enhancements (purple background) and Events (orange background). See "Card Types" for more details about each.

Find the 2 dragon cards (Orange and Blue dragons) and remove them from the deck. …

This variant allows a player to play a 2-player game against an automated opponent. All rules are the same unless otherwise noted.


Remove 12 cards from the Dragonwood deck as in a 2-player game (and put the 2 Dragons in the bottom half).

Put 5 cards in the landscape as normal with the deck set to the right. Deal 5 cards as normal to yourself. The opponent does not have cards. You go first.

Game Play

On your turn, always begin by drawing one card, and then take a turn as normal (so you will either draw 2 cards or draw 1 card and then attempt to capture on each turn). …


Creatures make up the bulk of the Dragonwood deck, as the aim is to defeat them and collect their associated Victory Points. (For example, a Grumpy Troll earns 4 victory points).

Victory Points are shown in the bottom left shield, and capture strength is listed next to icons on the right. (The sword is for a Strike, the boot is for a Stomp, and the face is for a Scream.

Some Creatures are easier or harder to defeat, depending on the method.(For example the Gooey Glob is very difficult to beat with a Strike and Fire Ants are easier to beat with a Stomp). …

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