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Rating: 6 Fair
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 20 minutes

Official Site: Cheesonomics on Eggrules

Created by: Dale Tolley, Shannon Crutchfield, Pixel Productions Inc.

Published by: Eagle-Gryphon Games


Cheesonomics is a cheesy original card game for 2-5 players ages 8 and up that takes about 20-30 minutes to play.

It is a strategic set collecting, memory-based, hand management card game based on controlling and manipulating the supply and demand of various types of cheese from cheese markets throughout North America or Europe.

The European edition of Cheesonomics features cheese from France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Scandinavia. The North American edition of Cheesonomics features cheese from Wisconsin, California, New York, Oregon and Canada.

The overall goal of Cheesonomics is to manage your cheese supply, churn the right colors or animal types from your opponents' hands, produce the market's most demanded colors of cheese to milk the most profit, and earn the most curd cash by selling different colors of cheese at high market prices.

Cheesonomics can be played at three different skill levels - mild, sharp and extra sharp - allowing gamers to adjust the game according to their own playing palate.

Each game starts with three market wheels made up of 5 market wedges, and each player receives five cheese wedges and a cheese knife marked with either cheddar, edam, feta, gouda or parmesan.

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