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Rating: 7.3 Good
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 90 minutes

Created by: Xavier Georges, Alexandre Roche

Published by: Bard Centrum Gier, Eagle-Gryphon Games, HUCH! & friends

Alternate Names: Дикий-Дикий Запад


Carson City is a strategic game played in four rounds, and in each one of them, the players choose a character from the seven available that gives certain advantages.

After selecting characters, your cowboys are placed on action track locations that allow you to construct buildings, houses, or roads; claim ground; earn money; or score victory points. When more than one player is on the same location, get ready, it is time for a duel!

Roll the dice and see if you are the last one standing and lay claim to the goods!

During the game, you can take various actions that earn you victory points for your plots, pistols (the hired help), and buildings.

At the end of the game, your buildings, houses, mountains, and money contribute to your victory points, and the person with the most points wins. So go round up your posse of gunslingers and get ready for some Wild West action in Carson City!

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Carson City: Gold & Guns
Carson City: Horses & Heroes
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Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee 2010

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The year is 1858 in Carson City, Nevada. You have rounded up a team of courageous cowboys, and your plan is to buy up the best parcels of land in this new town, then build them up with the most prosperous ranches, mines, saloons, etc.

You will need guts to challenge your opponents to duels in order to secure and hold the best properties. You will also need to recruit and use the help of the most interesting "personalities" in CarsonCity to aid your cause. The winner will be the most prominent citizen in Carson City, as measured by victory points that can be won both during and after the game. …


Setting conditions: The parcel on which the house is built must be reached by a road.

Income: None.

Special rules: Houses are never bought. They come into play when other buildings are built.


Setting conditions: No placement restrictions.

Income: $1 for every neighboring free parcel, no matter the owner of the free parcel (with a minimal income of $1). Several ranches may benefit from the same free parcel.

Special rules: A ranch adds 1 point to your firepower (+1 revolver). A ranch is considered a house to calculate drugstore, bank and saloon incomes. …

Every personality tile shows two different powers (common rules on the yellow side and variants on the red side).

For your initial game, we recommend that you use the yellow side. In future games, the players may choose which personalities will be played during the game (either randomly chosen or decided by the players).

The Sheriff

The player helped by the sheriff gets the special "sheriff " cowboy from the general reserve (white cowboy). This allows him to select one action without fear of being attacked (no one challenges the sheriff to a duel). Therefore, the white cowboy must not be placed to attack a building or to challenge someone into a duel (it must be played on a cowboy-free square). Cash limit: $20. …

The Might Is Right Variant

This variant proposes less randomly determined duels, replacing dice for duel tiles. To play this variant, you have to use the following modifications.

During game set up:

For a two-player game, each receives 6 duel tiles, numbered 0 to 5, and $15.

For a three- to five-player game, take 6 duel tiles (from 0 to 5) per player, and mix them. Each player receives 6 duel tiles at random and keeps them secretly.

Each player announces the total of points on his duel tiles. The sum of the totals must be 45 (if 3 players), 60 (if 4 players) or 75 (if 5 players). As starting cash, each player receives $30 minus the total of his duel tile points. …

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