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Rating: 6.1 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 15 minutes

Official Site: Battle Sheep Webpage - Blue Orange Games Publisher

Created by: Francesco Rotta, Andrea Femerstrand

Published by: Blue Orange (EU), Blue Orange Games, Foxgames (Poland)

Alternate Names: Batalla de Ovejas, Owce na wypasie, Splits, Voll Schaf, 배틀 쉽


In Battle Sheep (first released as Splits), players start the game by constructing the board from identical four-hex tiles, then each player places his/her tall stack of discs on one of the border hexes.

Players take turns removing some number of discs from the top of one of their stacks, moving that new stack of discs as far away as it can go in a straight line.

Players must leave at least one disc behind when moving, so the board gradually fills up and movement opportunities become more and more scarce. The player occupying the most spaces at the end of the game wins!

Retail Price:$25
Spiel des Jahres Recommended 2014
Spiel der Spiele Hit für Familien Recommended 2014
Lys Enfant Finalist 2014

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