The year is 1822. After years of decay the decision is made to rebuild the medina located at the foot of the Atlas mountains. The players work together to erect large and beautiful palaces and to renovate the damaged city wall.

Life returns to the old city. People flock through the alleys and the contours of the new city gradually start to appear.


  • 1 game board - double sided (2 players /3-4 players)
  • 4 tower tiles
  • 4 palace tiles
  • 6 tea tiles
  • 80 buildings - 20 in each 4 colours
  • 16 rooftops - 4 in each 4 player colours
  • 12 stables
  • 31 merchants
  • 36 walls
  • 4 towers
  • 1 well
  • 4 player screens - 1 in each player color
  • 1 score block


1 Place the game board in the middle of the table. Use the side with the large game area (11x16 squares) in a three- or four-player game Use the side with the small game area (10x14 squares) in a two-player game. …

In the Florence of the 12th-14th centuries, the city's powerful and influential families don't just compete with each other in trade and politics. They also try to outdo one another by building tall, mostly square- based tower homes as status symbols.

In this game, you are master builders working on the families' construction commissions for such towers. You build the towers from different-colored bricks you receive from the game's cards.

But be careful: once you've started construction on a tower, you must keep erecting it every turn, or it will be torn down as abandoned construction. Pay attention to other players' projects, so that they don't snatch commissions you were counting on right from under your nose! …

A revolutionary new technology has been discovered! Immediately, every major military power recognizes its destructive potential. Can your nation take the lead in this new arms race and become the world's dominant superpower?

In The Manhattan Project, you are the leader of a great nation's atomic weapons program in a deadly race to build bigger and better bombs. But this is no peaceful race! You must not hesitate to use clever espionage and military force to advance your plans and secure your nation's rightful place! …

Peloponnese - seat of the Gods. Each player represents one of 7 Peloponnesian civiliza- tions in 1000 B.C., trying to develop it, increase its wealth and population, and become the most powerful entering the new millennium.

Object of the Game

Players have 8 rounds to develop their civilizations, adding territory through Land Tiles and prestigious buildings through the Building Tiles. These increase the civilizations' inhabitants, luxury, wealth and power

Only through a balance of inhabitants, land and buildings can a player claim victory and join the heroes of Peloponnesian history. …

Monikers only takes about 5-10 minutes to learn. Start by dividing your group into 2 teams.


  • 440 cards ranging from celebrities to fictional characters to *weird*


Deal 10 cards to each person. Everyone secretly chooses 5 that they like. Shuffle all the cards people chose into one deck, which will be used by both teams for the entire game. Put the other cards back in the box.

You want to aim for using around 40-50 cards in the deck, so deal fewer and choose fewer when playing with a big group, and deal more and choose more with a small group. …



1. Place the game board in the middle of the table.

2. Place the grey round marker on the first space of the round track.

3. Sort the autobucks and place them near the game

4. Sort the 72 factory tiles by back side (A and B) and shuffle each stack separately. Place 18 of the A-tiles face up on the game board: 16 in the action area, and 2 below the sales offices.

Remaining A and B tiles are placed next to the game board.

5. Place the 10 black neutral workers in a pile near the game board. …

Victory and Defeat

At the start of the game, the Invaders are at Terror Level 1 - not really afraid. To win, you need to completely clear the board of Invaders. As you earn Fear cards, you will reach new Terror Levels with easier victory conditions. You win immediately anytime you meet the current victory condition.

You can lose three ways:

  • Too Much Blight: If the last Blight comes off of the Blight Card, you follow the instructions there, which are often "you lose". …

The peaks of Snowdonia rise before you encased in mist, their summits barely visible. The highest is Snowdon (Wyddfa) herself at 1,085 metres. The year is 1894, and the Snowdon Mountain Tramroad and Hotels Company Limited has been formed to build a branch line from Llanberis to the summit. You can scarcely believe it's possible!

In Snowdonia, players represent companies providing labour for the construction of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. Unlike other train games you will have to excavate your way up the mountain-side, as well as make and lay track, construct viaducts and stations. …

In Two Rooms and a Boom there are 2 teams and 2 rooms. The 2 teams are the Blue Team and the Red Team. The Blue Team has a President. The Red Team has a Bomber.

Players are first equally distributed between 2 separate playing areas (usually 2 separate rooms) and then each player is randomly dealt a facedown character card.

Players play the game by saying what they want in order to select a leader for their room. The leader chooses hostages (players who will be sent to the other room at the end of the round). …


  • 1 game board
  • 12 windmill blades
  • 42 fruit tiles
  • 10 finca tiles
  • 16 action tiles
  • 4 bonus tiles
  • 8 donkey carts
  • 6 wooden fincas
  • 108 fruits
  • 20 farmers

Object of the Game

The players take the roles of Mallorcan farmers, who strive to harvest as many of the island's tropical fruits: figs, almonds, olives, oranges, grapes, and lemons, as possible.

The players deliver their harvested fruits to the island communities, which have constantly changing requirements during the course of the game. For these deliveries, the players receive victory points. In the end, the player with the most victory points is the winner. …