Players are spirits of nature on an isolated island. Invaders from beyond the sea have recently started to colonize, killing the Dahan (native islanders) and generally wrecking the place. The Spirits must struggle to throw them back before the island is overrun!

Each player plays one Spirit; the Invaders and Dahan act according to game mechanics. Spirits affect the world with Powers. Each turn, all players simultaneously choose what Powers to use. Some Powers will resolve before the Invaders act, others afterwards. Spirits start with limited options, but can slowly learn new Powers over the course of the game. …


  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 Cathedral (to be assembled)
  • 12 Tower tiles (markers showing the rounds)
  • 1 Oath Charter (starting player marker)
  • 50 Action tiles
  • 4 barges in player colors
  • 52 seals in player colors
  • 12 family crests in player colors
  • 33 cards (English)
  • 12 city coats of arms
  • 8 Descendant tiles
  • 26 coins
  • 30 Ulm Sparrows
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 set of instructions in 2 parts: the basic rulebook, and the Ulm Chronicle with additional information on the game components and the theme

Object of the Game

Try to accumulate the most victory points through activities in different areas of city life in Ulm. Each round, you have three actions. …


  • 1 game board
  • 4 screens
  • 12 building tiles
  • 9 Cuban tiles
  • 4 playing pieces
  • 12 property markers
  • 5 six-sided special dice
  • 48 goods
  • 60 victory point markers
  • 36 coins (pesos)
  • 1 car
  • 1 ship token
  • 1 value marker

Object of the Game

The object of the game is to collect the most victory points. You get victory points by delivering goods to the ships, by using different buildings, or by visiting the dancer. You attain victory points in the form of victory point markers, which you collect face down in front of you. …

The game is played in turns. Each turn, each player chooses an action to take, most often bidding for and purchasing a tile.

Tiles represent various rooms, locations, and gaming stations that you can put in your hotel-casino. They add to your Population, Revenue, and/or Fame total. Population and Revenue help you collect more income each turn, and Fame adds to your victory points.

You can earn additional Fame at the end of the game by carefully placing the tiles on your hotel-casino sheet when you acquire them, such as by connecting your hotel entrance to your casino entrance or creating diamond patterns at tile intersections. …


  • 432 Cards
  • 30 second timer
  • score pad

Object of the Game

To score the most points by collecting names in 3 separate rounds.

A game is played using a set of randomly chosen name cards. Each team gets 30 seconds to guess as many names as possible, with one player giving clues to his teammates. Players can always use sound effects and pantomime, but speech becomes more restricted as the game progresses:

  • In Round 1 - Cluegivers can say anything.
  • In Round 2 - Cluegivers can say only one word.
  • In Round 3 - Cluegivers can't say anything

Each round ends when all names in the Deck of Fame have been guessed. All names are put back into the Deck for the next round. High score after the third round wins. …

Not a trivia buff? It doesn't matter! Each player writes down a guess to the same question and places it face-up on the betting mat. Feeling confident? Bet on your guess! Think a friend knows better? Bet on their guess! The player with the most points after 7 questions wins.

Wits & Wagers is most fun with groups of 6 or more people. We recommend playing at holiday parties, family reunions, or any large gathering of friends. Be prepared for light-hearted banter, a little bravado, and a big dose of cheering! …

WELCOME to Telestrations, the visual version of the classic "telephone"game... where your sketches & guesses can create laugh-out-loud party fun! It's the game where you DRAW what you see, then GUESS what you saw!


  • 142 "This Side" & "That Side"Cards in Card Box (over 1,700 words),
  • 8 Erasable Sketch Books
  • 8 Dry-Erase Markers
  • 8 Clean-Up Cloths
  • 60 Second Timer
  • 1 Die


  1. Place card box, sand timer, clean-up cloths & die in center of the group.

  2. Decide as a group which cards everyone will be using, "THIS SIDE" or "THAT SIDE". …

The forest is filled with all sorts of Monsters. Goblins, Orcs, and even mighty Trolls lurk in the shadows. They watched and waited as you built your Castle and trained your soldiers, but now they've gathered their army and are marching out of the woods.

Can you work with your friends to defend your Castle against the horde, or will the Monsters tear down your Walls and destroy the precious Castle Towers?

You will all win or lose together, but in the end only one player will be declared the Master Slayer! …

Yggdrasil, the "terrible steed", a cosmic ash tree that supports the nine worlds, is in jeopardy. As the Ragnarok approaches, you, mighty among the Aesir and Vanir Gods, have to face the relentless advance of Evil Forces.

You must sacrifice everything to prevent Evil from destroying Yggdrasil. The last battle, predicted since the dawn of time, is starting now. Your only aim is to repel the Evil Forces in order for Yggdrasil to survive this universe at war.


  • game board
  • 6 single-sided god player mats
  • 4 linen bags
  • 1 custom six-sided die
  • 52 enemy cards
  • 16 small frost giant cards
  • 18 small artifact (weapon) cards
  • 2 cardboard punch sheets
  • rulebook


Put the board in the middle of the table, so that all players can easily reach it. Place the die and the 6 Unreachable World tiles next to the board. Deal a God sheet to each player and put the ones you do not use away in the box. …

Each player leads a research team consisting of an Engineer and a Scientist, which move on 2 different game boards, as well as a group of bots, which carry out actions.

In the Headquarters, the Engineer programs the bots and, thus, determines which action will be carried out. Meanwhile in the Research Station, the Scientist determines where the bots will carry out the action. Over the course of 4 rounds, the teams will use their actions to gain as much knowledge as possible. …