Take on the role of an ambitious demigod who is trying to claim a place at the summit of mount Olympus. Recruit Heroes, acquire Artifacts, and undertake heroic Quests to forge your own Legends.

During the five epochs of the game, you will build powerful card combinations and then destroy them, as the cards must be transferred to your Elysium to earn you victory points.


  • 8 Families of 21 cards
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 4 Player Aid cards
  • 1 Temple (two parts)
  • 19 Bonus tiles
  • 1 oracle boar
  • 16 Columns
  • 40 Gold tokens
  • 6 Quest Tiles
  • 25 prestige point tokens (pp)
  • 4 Order of Play Discs
  • 1 Epoch Marker
  • 45 Victory Point tokens (VP)
  • 1 Guide to the cards booklet
  • 12 Trigger Rings


Place the Pediment beside the play area. Randomly choose one of the sides to lay face-up. Place the 4 Quests with the .../.... mark below the Pediment, in ascending order from left to right (this setup is used for 3 and 4 players). …

Blue Cards (maritime)

Blue cards are associated with maritime buildings, which are the only wooden pieces playable on the sea regions. Trade allows you to sell resources for gold or VP. These cards also allow you to buy resources, or exchange them with the general supply.

  • You can never play 2 maritime buildings on the same sea region.
  • It is possible that you cannot play a blue card because you have no access to the sea.
  • It is possible that nobody can play a blue card because all sea regions are occupied.
  • Sold resources are returned to the general supply.
  • The resources purchased are taken from the general supply.

Green Cards (production)

The production buildings produce the 4 types of resources that will be necessary for building construction and for trade. …

You are buyers for different merchant houses in the competitive, but profitable age of the infamous Medici family Ships sail throughout the Mediterranean and beyond in search of rare and valuable merchandise and profitable markets for the goods you buy

Every day you go to the wholesale market where you must compete with other buyers for the merchandise available that day There you expect to find lush furs, grain from the rich fields abroad, exotic spices, colorful dyes, the finest cloth, and, rarely, gold from mines far across the waters... …

Four-player Partnership Game

As a game variant, players sitting opposite each other may form a partnership.

All standard game rules apply, but each partnership uses a double-length score board by placing two regular score boards together.

Both partners apply their individual scores to their joint score board. When no further tile can be placed on the board, the partnership with the better score wins - in other words, the partnership with the lowest counter loses.

No communication is allowed between the partners during play. Alternatively, players may agree open communication. …

The Raptor player

The player can split his action points as he wishes between the mother and the babies that are awake.

A raptor can never move onto or move through a space where there is a fire token.

Only active raptors (represented by figurines that are standing up) can perform actions.

A player does not have to use all of their actions points. In fact, they could decide to use no action points at all.

Action points can be spent in 5 different ways:

Whether you are Raptor or Scientist…

Playing your cards of value 1 and 2 at the right time (when your opponent plays a card of value 3 to 5) can give you an advantage...

That way you will get rid of your "weak" cards without offering too many action points to your opponent.

Advice to a Scientist who just graduated

Your brilliant studies might have taught you how to solve any triple integral you might run into, but you are not really (not at all, actually) prepared to face the scary Raptors that inhabit this forsaken island. …

You must activate the magic gems in the temple chambers in order to banish the curse, and you have only ten minutes to do so before the temple collapses. Don't sit still for a second - start running now and you might just escape!


  • 6 main chamber tiles
  • 25 dice - 5 for each adventurer
  • 13 basic chamber tiles - without purple mask and/or treasure icon
  • 5 adventurer figures - 1 of each player color
  • 5 adventurer tokens - 1 of each player color
  • 1 gem depot (for the magic gems)
  • 1 CD containing soundtrack and audio introduction
  • 25 magic gems
  • 1 Rule book
  • 1 Supplement for the 2 modules "Curses" and "Treasures"
  • 1 Supplement for the expansion "The Sand of Fortune"

Object of the Game

Escape is a real-time board game. Instead of playing the game in rounds, each player rolls his five dice as quickly and as often as he can without waiting for his teammates! …

All Buildings offer you output of some kind of resource or Workers. The requirements you must fill (in Workers and resources) are shown at the top of the card. The Output you receive is shown at the bottom of the card. This Output is always taken from the General Supply or recorded on the matching track.

There are five different types of Building cards: Mines, Factories, Universities, Reactors, and Enrichment Plants. There are 10 buildings of each type:


Mines produce Yellowcake: When you place Workers on a yellow Mine card, take the number of Yellow- cake shown from the General Supply. …

In this delicious card game, the players are pizza makers. The players take orders from the waiters and ingredients from the supply. They put them all together in the oven and bake.

When all the ingredients are used up, the players open the oven to discover which pizzas were baked properly, and which were not. The players take back their orders for their improperly baked pizzas so they can try again in the next round.

After three rounds, the player who has delivered the most pizzas is the best pizza maker and the winner! …

1. Sleeping Gas And Shuffle

Put one baby raptor to sleep. The baby raptor must be located on the same tile as a scientist or on an orthogonally adjacent tile. Lay down the baby raptor figurine.

The Raptor player will have to spend 1 action point to put this baby back upright, but cannot do it in the same turn. Then, shuffle your draw pile and your discard pile (including this card) to form a new draw pile.

2. Reinforcements

Place one or two scientists from your reserve on empty spaces located alongside the long edges the board. …