If you choose the Place Workers option for your turn, in addition to placing Workers and taking Worker Actions you may also take any number of Bomb Actions. Bomb Actions can be taken at any time during your turn in any order, as long as you have the required resources. There are three types of Bomb Actions:

  1. Build
  2. Test
  3. Load

Important: Bomb Actions are the only way you can score victory points! It will ultimately be a Bomb Action that ends the game and determines the winner. …


In a game with the Witness, a reversal to the end may take place. If the "Key Evidence" and "Means of Murder" are solved correctly, the Murderer, after dicussing with the Accomplice, picks a player (to have quietly killed before the trial).

If the chosen player is the Witness, the Murderer and Accomplice escape conviction and win the game. If it is any player other than the Witness, they are convicted successfully and the Forensic Scientist and Investigators as well as the Witness win. …

If you wish to customize your games of Through the Desert, you can use any of these variant rules.

River Board

The reverse side of the board shows the Niger river running through the southern Sahara and offers players a new tactical challenge.

Aside from the different arrangement of land features, there are some special rules for the river board:

  • During setup, you may place leaders in spaces next to the river. All other leader placement rules are unchanged.

  • During the game, placement rules are the same, but the first time that each of your caravans "crosses" the river, take a 5-point token. …

We strongly suggest not playing with the Investors expansion or the "Advanced" side of the board for your first game. It is helpful to realize the worth of Stockpiles in the Demand Phase without having the investor abilities take effect.

Advanced Board Expansion

When playing with the second side of the board, each stock follows a different value track. If a stock goes bankrupt, return the value of that stock back to its original starting position, the darkened circle.

If a stock splits, return the value of that stock to the value in the octagon. Stanford Steel is unique in this version because it pays additional dividends based on dollar signs ($) on its stock value track. …

Object of the Game

In Through the Desert, each player controls a number of caravans consisting of pastel-colored camels. Players take turns placing more of these camels on the board, expanding their caravans in order to score points.

The game ends immediately after the last camel of any one color is played from the supply, after which players compare their point totals to determine the winner.


  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 175 Pastel Camels (5 colors, 35 of each)
  • 5 Gray Camels
  • 30 Plastic Riders (5 colors, 6 of each)
  • 5 Plastic Palm Trees
  • 45 Waterhole Tokens (3 types, 15 of each)
  • 15 10-point tokens
  • 29 5-point tokens
  • 5 Caravan Tokens

Before Your First Game

Before your first game, you will need to assemble the riders and their camels. Take the six riders of a single color and attach each one to a different-colored camel (green, pink, yellow, purple, turquoise, and gray). …

This variant will allow you to familiarize yourself with the game and beat your record by attempting various strategies.

The game's rules are identical to the 2 player game with the following exceptions:

During setup, the elements indicated on the 1 player Game Reference card (identical to the 2 player one) are placed in each bag.

At the beginning of the game and during the maintenance phase, 6 elements are drawn from each bag.

At the beginning of the game and during the maintenance phase, 4 Character cards are drawn. …

Port + Temple Of Apollo

The player may choose as income each round between one wood, one stone, one food, or one coin.

Tiryns Fortress

The player loses one inhabitant when taking this tile. If he does not have any inhabitants to lose, he may not take this building.

The inhabitant is not returned to the player, should the building be lost in a later round.

Market + Agora

Every bid by this player is now worth !6 coin more. This makes it possible for him to bid the same amount of coins as a previous player at the same Tile, forcing the opponent to move his bid to another …

This section explains several optional rules that players may freely use to customize the game to their liking.

Although not all of the optional rules can be used together, players can experience Nexus Ops in many different ways by using several optional rules during the same game (e.g., players can use the alternate units, intercepted transmissions, and the vortex).

Before starting the game, players must all agree on which optional rules (if any) they wish to use.

Time is of the Essence

The game ends immediately after a player acquires 10 or more victory points. That player wins the game. The game still ends if a player is eliminated, as described in "Winning the Game". …

  • Raise the Bid - Most players tend not to be aggressive enough during bidding in their first few games of Stockpile. Stockpiles that contain more cards in them can often be worth surprisingly more than other stockpiles with fewer cards.

    While it is possible to pay too much or be caught by trading fees, the typical new player settles on a 'safe' stockpile too early.

  • Aim for Majority Bonuses - Don't underestimate the $10K bonus given at the end of the game for the majority shareholder of each company's stock. If you gain an early lead in one stock, don't relinquish it so lightly. …

We suggest playing Stockpile at least once with more than two players before trying the 2-Player Variant. The 2-player variant plays similar to a 4-player game. However, there a few changes to the round's phases.


Each player will start with $30,000 in money, instead of $20,000, and still receive only one starting stock. Each player also receives 2 Bidding Meeples (red or blue).

Information Phase

Each player is randomly dealt two pairs of Company Cards and Forecast Cards.

Note: Keep them in separate piles. These cards may not be swapped or substituted with each other. …