Cooperative games are pure fun to play with friends and family because they allow you to compete together against the board. It's all about teamwork and problem-solving as a team.

Here is our list of 10 of the best cooperative board games ever made. This list is made based on our experiences and user feedback.

10. Mechs vs. Minions

2-4 Players
Age 14+
60-90 minutes
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This League of Legends board game is a fully cooperative story-driven tabletop game of programmed movement and action that sees for 2-4 players blowing up hundreds of adorable little League minions. There are 10 missions and each mission takes about 60-90 minutes to play. …

Object of the Game

Being shareholders, the players build the rail network of the individual cable car companies and buy their shares. For each completed line the respective cable car company gains profit points. Who will have the most valuable shares and win the game?

Setting up and preparing game play


When playing with this expansion, the players do not own any cable car companies. Instead of establishing their own com- panies, players are buying shares of several of the 8 cable car companies. Regardless of the number of players all 8 companies are used always. …

  1. The beetle can be easily underestimated but if moved on top of your opponents queen bee, it can be a devastating piece as you can then place directly around it.

  2. Keep hoppers in reserve for end moves, to get into positions that are surrounded.

  3. Bring out spiders early on in the game as they are very good as short runners when the hive is still small.

  4. Keep an eye on your opponents holding set, even if it looks like you're in a losing position, you can turn the game around by blocking spaces if they have no hoppers or beetles to place. …

Below, the 60 cards are grouped by card type and explained.

Note: The player trays are die cut in such a way that some space remains between the spheres of the bottom level - however, all spheres directly adjacent to each other "touch" each other.

1. There must be exactly this many spheres

These task cards indicate exactly how many spheres in the quantity and color shown on the card must be placed on the tray. Where you place the spheres and whether or not the spheres touch each other is irrelevant. …

Card Descriptions

5, 30. Life Insurance - Play this card to avoid losing a card from misfortune.

11. Zoo trip - Play this card to throw 2 more dice during a turn. The card can be played during any of the 3 dice rolls in a turn, and its effect lasts for the rest of that turn.

12. Bicycle - The player who starts with this card reveals it face up and is the starting player. It is that player's first possession.

28. Job at Dad's company - As an active job card, this generates a symbol of bad luck each turn. Therefore rolling even just 2 more bad luck symbols on the dice will cause misfortune (loss of a card). …

The game may be played either by 2 to 5 individual players or as a partnership game for 4, 6, or 8 players. The rules for partnership play are explained at the end of the standard rules.


  • 25 merchant ships The number of gold coins on each card indicates the value of its cargo. The combined value of all merchant ships is 100 gold, divided as follows: 5 twos, 6 threes, 5 fours, 5 fives, 2 sixes, 1 seven, and 1 eight.

  • 48 pirate ships 12 each in 4 different colors - blue, green, purple and gold. The twelve ships of each color are divided into varying levels of attack strength, measured by the number of skull-and-crossbones on the card. The breakdown is as follows: 2 ones, 4 twos, 4 threes, and 2 fours. …

Pirates are the least of Captain Bullseye's problems. He has his cargo riskily stowed away high up in the yardarms so that no peg-leg can get too close to it.

But given this unusual way of safe- guarding the cargo, many a hardened sea dog turns out to be just an ordinary seaman who gets into trouble with his balance already halfway up the mast.

In this case - as if they were jinxed by the ship's gremlin - all chests on wobbly planks start shifting, until the whole ship threatens to capsize in the pitching and tossing of the waves. But, in the blink of an eye, the best hands from Captain Bullseye's crew catch the falling load... …

Hello, my name is Picto! You want to start playing right away, without having to read the entire rulebook? Then just read my outlined comments and skip the paragraphs in between.

If any questions come up during your first game, you can always refer to the full rules text for clarification. I would, however, recommend reading the entire rulebook before playing your second game of Pictomania.

Object of the Game

In Pictomania, you are each secretly dealt a clue, which you have to draw. You also try and guess what your fellow players are drawing - all at the same time! You secretly make guesses with your guess cards. …


  • 1 game board
  • 12 childhood cards
  • 26 early adulthood cards
  • 20 middle age cards
  • 8 life goal cards
  • 17 old age cards
  • 4 player reference cards
  • 7 dice
  • 49 tokens
  • Notepad
  • Pencil
  • Rulebook

Object of the Game

The goal of the game is to write a CV of a fictional character, whom the player represents. Players roll the dice and use the symbols thrown to gain cards representing different accomplishments in life.

The cards give various special abilities. Thus the players, step by step, create their life histories, trying to reach their goals. At the end of the game, players get points for different sets of cards. The player with the most points wins. …

Madness in the lab! Doctor Eureka needs help to complete his experiments. Transfer your materials between the right test tubes, in the right order, and faster than the other players to become the best and brightest scientist!


  • Illustrated Rules
  • 54 Challenge Cards
  • 24 Balls C8 Green. 8 Purple, 8 Red)
  • 12 Test Tubes

Object of the Game

Each player takes on the role of one of Doctor Eureka s apprentice scientists, and races to be the first to realize the correct combination of plastic balls in the order shown on the current Challenge Card. …