• 6 Big Rides
  • 6 Medium Rides
  • 6 Small Rides
  • 42 Visitors (7 for each of the 6 colors)
  • 20 Stands (4 for each of the 5 types)
  • 4 Starting Ground tiles
  • 4 Turn Order Tokens
  • 20 Additional Ground Tiles
  • 1 Turn Counter
  • 1 Final Dirt Track
  • 1 Turn Track
  • 4 Pig Boards
  • 24 dice (6 for each player)
  • 1 Cotton bag
  • 48 Dirt Tokens
  • 34 Bonus Cards
  • 84 Bank Notes (30x1, 20x5, 30x10, and 4x50)
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 1 Rulebook

Simplified Rules For Beginners

Steam Park is a fairly simple game to learn as-is, but for your first games, if you feel you are not experienced or brave enough to play the game in all its blazing splendor, we have you covered. Feel free to play a simpler variant that we just thought up... We'll call it "Steam Park for Dummies", OK? You can …

The game is played over several rounds (called voyages). In each voyage, 3 punts are loaded with wares and set sail for Manila. At the beginning of each voyage, the office of the harbor master is auctioned.

The office is important, as only the harbor master can decide which wares will be loaded and where the punts will sail from, giving some advantages over others. The harbor master is also the only one able to buy a new share as an investment in the future. …

You're among a flotilla of four ships that survived passing through a black hole. The fabric of space and the general physics you've known have changed. You have entered a new physical dimension where even gravity behaves differently.

By mining asteroids and collecting basic elements from space dust (some never before encountered ), you muster just enough thrust to move your spacecraft. You typically travel toward the nearest object, usually another ship. But they may not be where you thought.

Sometimes you'll move forward, sometimes backwards. It's a real mind-bender! Time is running out to save your crew and ship. Around you are grim reminders of failing to escape. You gape at the frozen hulks of dead spacecraft that litter the escape route. …

In the kingdom of Myrmes, the ant colonies have been fighting for centuries to dominate their neighbors.

To put an end to this war, the council of the queens has decreed that a final battle will decide the issue of the final victory. Send your sol- diers and your workers to assault of the kingdom. Fill up your larder, hunt down insects and wisely place your pheromones to conquer the territory. But most importantly, don't forget to prepare for winter!


  • Main game board
  • 4 Individual boards
  • 3 Dice
  • 1 First player token
  • 1 Year token
  • 20 Objective tiles
  • 30 Larva cubes
  • 15 Earth cubes
  • 20 Food cubes
  • 18 Prey tokens
  • 8 Sub-colony tiles
  • 8 Aphid farm / Scavenging tiles
  • Rulebook

For each player: …


  • 88 objectives
  • 48 legions
  • 23 mobilisation tokens
  • 12 rewards
  • 1 cloth bag
  • 1 scorepad


1. After the assassination of Julius Caesar on March 15, 44 BC., his adopted son Gaius Octavius decides to return to Rome. Very early on, he displays his ambition for political domination. In 31 BC., he is in sole control. In 28 BC., the Senate grants him the title of Princeps senatus, first member of the Senate to speak on a topic laid before the assembly. In 27 BC. he receives the title of Augustus, he whose words have the strength of prediction. …

Friday is a solo adventure. While playing you are trying to guide Robinson through the game. He must win against two pirates without dying to finally leave the island again.

At the start of the game Robinson is not very cunning. In this game the pile of fighting cards represents his abilities. By comparison Robinson's health is in good shape and he starts with many life points.

You have two possibilities to help Robinson. You can either cleverly beat the hazards of the island and receive additional cards to improve Robinson's fighting abilities, or you deliberately lose against certain hazards and pay with Robinson's life points to remove unwanted fighting cards from play. …

Pompeji, the city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, is heavily damaged by a strong earthquake. Fearing an eruption of the volcano, many of the 20.000 inhabitants leave their homes in a panicked flight. Those who remain behind begin to rebuild Pompeji.

Pompeji's development into an important trade city has reached its peak. Over the past years, numerous Roman citizens, famous gladiators and rich Patricians have returned to the city, moving into the new and splendid buildings in the shadow of the Vesuvius. …

You are all very superstitious people, afraid of the omens of bad luck: black cats, broken mirrors , walking under ladders and, worst of all, Friday the 13th! It is up to you to play your cards wisely to avoid getting too much bad luck.


  • 50 numbered cards

  • 3 rule summary cards.

Object of the Game

To have the lowest bad luck score at the end of the game. You score points at the end of each round. The game lasts 4 rounds.


At the start of each round, shuffle the cards and deal them out as evenly as possible to all of the players. …

Deep in the American countryside, the little town of Millers Hollow has recently been infiltrated by Werewolves.

Each night, murders are committed by the Townsfolk, who due to some mysterious phenomenon (possibly the greenhouse effect) have become Werewolves.

It is now time to take control and eliminate this ancient evil, before the town loses its last few inhabitants.

Object of the Game

  • For the Townsfolk: Kill all of the Werewolves.
  • For the Werewolves: Kill all of the Townsfolk.


  • 4 Werewolve cards
  • 13 Ordinary Townsfolk cards
  • 1 Fortune Teller card
  • 1 Thief card
  • 1 Hunter card
  • 1 Cupido card
  • 1 Witch card
  • 1 Little Girl card
  • 1 Sheriff card

The Cards

Each night, the Werewolves bite, kill and devour one Townsperson. During the day they try to conceal their identity and vile deeds from the Townsfolk. Depending upon the number of players and variants used in the game, there are 1, 2, 3 or 4 Werewolves in play. …


  • 4 locomotives cards
  • 84 railcars cards

Object of the Game

Each player has a train in front of them that consists of a locomotive and 7 railcars that are arranged in descending, numerical order. During their turn, players can take a new railcar card to replace one of their existing railcars.

Players can also use a card's ability to change the order of their railcars or even remove them from other players' trains. The first player to have a train with railcars arranged in ascending, numerical order is the winner. …

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