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Rating: 7.1 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Official Site: Zooloretto home page

Created by: Michael Schacht, Design/Main, Michael Schacht

Published by: ABACUSSPIELE, 999 Games, Filosofia Éditions

Alternate Names: Animal Tycoon, Burgers' Zoo, Dierentuin Bordspel, Зоолоретто, 動物園大亨


In Zooloretto, each player uses small, large, wild, and exotic animals and their young to try to attract as many visitors as possible to their zoo - but be careful!

The zoo must be carefully planned as before you know it, you might have too many animals and no more room for them. That brings minus points! Luckily, your zoo can expand. A zoo of a family game in which less is sometimes more...

Can be combined with:

  • Aquaretto
  • Zooloretto Mini
Retail Price:$41
20 Jahre Darmstadt Spielt
Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015
Zooloretto Boss
Zooloretto Exotic
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Nederlandse Spellenprijs Nominee 2008
JoTa Best Children's Board Game Winner 2008
JoTa Best Children's Board Game Nominee 2008
Boardgames Australia Awards Best International Game Nominee 2008
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Each player is a zoo owner. Players score points by attracting as many visitors to their zoos as possible. To accomplish this, they must collect matching sets of animals.

If a player manages to obtain many animals for his zoo, he will find it worthwhile to expand his zoo. Once all the enclosures are occupied, newly acquired animals must go into the barn. Vending stalls next to an enclosure guarantee a minimum number of visitors.

At the end of the game, a player loses points for animals they have left in the barn. The player with the most points wins the game. …

It can be rewarding to take the occasional risk. For example, choosing not to take a partially-filled truck that is only attractive for yourself and revealing another tile instead in the hopes that another useful tile will come of it.

Taking animals that you don't have room for in your enclosures at the moment isn't the end of the world - especially if you still have the option of expanding your zoo. However, you should try to have as few animal types as possible in your barn. …

The Flamingo

Their most memorable feature is their crooked beaks, used to filter food out of fresh water. This pink bird prefers to stand on only one leg to minimize heat loss.

The Camel

This inhabitant of the dry regions of Asia and North Africa has developed several features that make it easier to conserve water. It is said that a camel can drink 200 liters of water in only 15 minutes.

The Leopard

Along with tremendous climbing ability, the leopard boasts excellent hearing and especially good eyesight. They can hear very high tones that are beyond a person's hearing capacity and see five to six times better than us at night. …


  • 9 landscape tiles
  • 14 animal tiles
  • 77 offspring tiles
  • 5 delivery trucks
  • 1 red wooden disc
  • 5 zoo boards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Each player is the director of a small zoo. Players try to fill their enclosures with animal and landscape tiles.

Points are awarded for both at the end of the game. Once the enclosures are full, excess animals must go into the barn, where they score minus points. The player with the most points wins.


  • With 3 players, remove the animal and offspring tiles of two kinds of animals from the game.
  • With 4 players, remove the animal and offspring tiles of one kind of animal from the game.
  • With 5 players, all tiles are used.

The offspring tiles can be recognized by the circle on the reverse side. There are also circles on their front sides, around the animals. Place the offspring tiles on the table, face up, just to the side of the playing area. …


  • 10 dice each with 6 symbols
  • 1 Double-Sided Game Board
  • 1 Score Pad
  • 1 pencil
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Time to roll the dice on your zoo! Players are the zoo directors of small zoos trying to fill their enclosures with animals. These are worth points at the end of the game.

But once the enclosures are full, extra animals have to go into the barn where they are worth negative points. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. …

Question: All other players have taken delivery trucks and passed. May I continue to take turns as normal?

Answer: Yes, of course. You may continue to choose from the three action possibilities. You can take several money actions and add tiles to the remaining delivery truck if it is not full. Eventually, of course, you will have to take the last delivery truck.

Question: May I exchange animals between two enclosures?

Answer: Yes, but only if they are different animal types. …

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