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Question: All other players have taken delivery trucks and passed. May I continue to take turns as normal?

Answer: Yes, of course. You may continue to choose from the three action possibilities. You can take several money actions and add tiles to the remaining delivery truck if it is not full. Eventually, of course, you will have to take the last delivery truck.

Question: May I exchange animals between two enclosures?

Answer: Yes, but only if they are different animal types.

Question: May I exchange, for example, 3 elephants from the barn, for 1 coin into an empty enclosure?

Answer: No. Exchange means exactly that. There must be animals in both locations to use the exchange action.

Question: I have 1 elephant in the 4-space enclosure at game end. Do I need two vending stalls, to score 1 point for the elephant?

Answer: No, you need only 1 vending stall.

Question: Do I score the 2 points for a vending stall, even if I use it to score points for the adjacent enclosure?

Answer: Yes, using a vending stall to score points for an unfilled enclosure does not "use it up". It still is available for the different vending stalls scoring.

Question: May I take still money actions, after I have taken a delivery truck in the last round of the game?

Answer: No. Once you take a delivery truck in any round, you are done for that round.

Question: May I move an animal from an enclosure to another enclosure or to the Barn?

Answer: No.

Question: In my barn, I have 3 elephants, including a fertile male and a fertile female. I exchange the elephants into the 4-space enclosure, and the couple immediately gets an offspring. Now the enclosure is full. Do I get a coin as bonus?

Answer: No, you cannot earn a coin using the exchange action, and the offspring is created as a direct result of the exchange.

Question: Can I earn the coin bonuses for the same enclosure more than once?

Answer: Yes. Each time to place an animal tile on the last space of the enclosure, you get the bonus coin. To do this more than once, you would need to exchange the animals out of the enclosure with animals that do not fill it. Then on a later turn, add an animal to fill the enclosure.

Example: a player places a kangaroo in the last space of a 5-space enclosure and earns 2 coins.

Later, he uses the exchange action to exchange the 5 kangaroos with the 4 chimpanzees in his expansion enclosure.

He does not receive the coin bonus for filling the expansion enclosure as it was done with an exchange!

Later, the player places a 5th chimpanzee a in the enclosure that now

has 4, filling it and earning another 2 coin bonus.

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