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King of the Gods, you are a warrior, For you, heroes die with honor. To become cunning and wise, To Mimir, you gave one of your eyes.

Takes two Enemy cards from the stack instead of one, chooses which one he wants to play and puts the other one back on or under the deck.


Son of Odin, your strength is colossal But you are also agile. Against you, giants are warned, You protect the people of Midgard.

Has a permanent +1 bonus for combat.


You are a Vanir and out of love You chose to give up your sword. By Miming it had been made, You might trespass without this blade.

Can perform 4 actions during his turn (instead of 3), but they still have to be performed in different worlds.


Guardian of the Bifrost Bridge You have very alert senses And when horn Gjallarhorn you blow Down Asgard may have to bow.

Can take 4 counters instead of 3 when he looks for souls.


Odin's brother, your judgement is feared, Without an arm you appear, To overcome the wolf 's wrath, Only you did not change path.

Can roll the die twice and choose one of the results in any situation.


First of the Valkyries, You rule the warrior's heaven. With your necklace and your cloak, You can kill in only one stroke.

Can perform 2 of her 3 actions in the same world.

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