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In Asgard, the Gods fight the Enemies and try to make them move backward. That is the main plot of the game.

The Enemies' combat force varies according to the area where they are located.


  • Choose your opponent among the six Enemies or the Giants.

  • Place a number of Vikings of your choice from your own stock (it is possible to place no Viking at all) on the World of the Dead .

  • Roll the die.

  • Add the number of hammer icons rolled to the number of discarded Vikings.

  • If necessary, add to the result the bonus of the Artifact corresponding to the target Enemy. There is no Artifact corresponding to the Giants.

  • Place a number of Elves of your choice from your own stock (it is possible to place no Elf at all) on the World of the Elves .

  • Add to the above mentioned result the number of discarded Elves.

  • If the result is equal or greater than the chosen Enemy's combat force, you win the combat ; if it is less, you lose.

If the God wins the combat, the Enemy moves backward (towards the left). Never apply the effect of an Enemy when he has moved backward.

If the God loses, nothing happens.

For instance, Helhas a combat force of 8 Jormungand and Loki of 7, Nidhogg of 6 and Fenrir of 5. The combat force of Surt was 6. When he loses a combat, he moves one space backward (toward the left). His combat force decreases to 5.

For instance, Odin is fighting Surt who has a combat force of 6. Odin gets rid of 2 Vikings and rolls the die (result 2). So his force is 2+2=4. He adds his Artifact bonus +1 and gets rid of 1 Elf. His force is now 4+1+1=6. His force equals Suns combat force, so Odin wins the combat.


In Midgard, the Gods, thanks to the Valkyries, come and take the Vikings who are useful in combat.

1. If you want to, move the Valkyries

You can move the Valkyries forward from one island to another adjacent island. This is possible even if the arrival or initial island is submerged.

2. Then look for the vikings' souls on the island where the Valkyries are.

Once in your turn, you can fetch souls on the island where the Valkyries are situated, provided that the island is not submerged. The Valkyries' starting point is the Rainbow Island. No searching can be performed on this island.

Looking for souls consists of taking three counters from the bag corresponding to the island where the Valkyries are situated. If there are less than three counters in the bag, the player takes all the remaining counters.

The active God keeps the Vikings he has taken from the bag and returns any Fire Giants that were drawn back to the bag.

Note: It is not forbidden to check the bags' contents during the game; however the less you do it, the more challenging the game is, the more you deserve to win.

The Valkyries can be moved toward the White island or the Green island which is submerged. They can also stay on the Blue island.

Odin takes the green bag that corresponds to the island where the Valkyries are. He takes 3 counters: 2 Vikings and 1 Fire Giant. He keeps the 2 Vikings andputs back the Fire Giant in the green bag.

Dwarven Forge


The Dwarves supply the Gods with Artifacts that give them a bonus during the combat. This permanent bonus can not be neglected.

  • Take a Level 1 Artifact of your choice in the Dwarven Forge or

  • Put a Level 1 or 2 Artifact back in the Dwarven Forge in order to take a Artifact with an immediately superior level. These two Artifacts have to hit the same Enemy. You should note that the effect of the Artifacts applies as soon as they have been taken.

A God is allowed to have several different Artifacts. Different Gods are allowed to have the same Artifact, with a different level.

Odin puts back the level 2 Ring and takes the level 3 Ring. From now, he has a permanent bonus of +3 against Hel during his combats.

World Of The Elves


The Elves permit the Gods to counterbalance a wrong result of the die during combat.

Take an Elf from the World of the Elves.

This action cannot be performed if there is no more Elves on this World.

World Of Darkness


The swaps permit the Gods to save themselves from a critical situation.

Take, give, or exchange Elves and/or Vikings with one other God only.

Odin gives 2 Vikings and 1 Elf to Freyja.

World Of The Dead


The Gods can manage the contents of the bags. Good management of the bags is required for victory.

Add to the Island bag of your choice 5 Vikings that you have taken from the World of the Dead. If there are less than 5 Vikings, add what is available.

Kingdom Of Fire


The Gods can clear the bags of Fire Giants. That is another way of managing the bags.

Take 5 counters out of the Island bag of your choice. If there are less than five counters in the bag, take all the remaining counters Place the Fire Giants you have taken on the Kingdom of Fire. Put the Vikings you have taken back into the bag.

Among the 5 counters, 3 Fire Giants have been taken : they are placed on the Kingdom of Fire. The Vikings are put back in the bag.

Ice Fortress


The Giants appear thanks to Loki's power. They restrict the Gods actions. To fight them may become necessary. Moreover, the defeated Giants may be combined to activate the power of a Rune.

Fight against an active Giant (see Loki) or the top Giant of the pile that is face down without turning him face up. The combat force of any Giant is 3.

If the God wins the combat, the Giant is discarded face up next to the board and its effect is not active anymore. The Gods share the discarded Giants pile.

If the God loses, the Giant remains on the face down pile if that is where it came from or, if it was active (face up), it remains active.

When 4 Giants corresponding to the same Rune have been defeated, the active God immediately applies the effect of the corresponding Rune.

Odin is fighting the Giant Gialp who prevents the Gods from performing actions on the Kingdom of Fire. He wins the combat with a force of 3. He discards Gialp who has the thirdpart of the DaegRune. With Gialp's defeat, the Kingdom of Fire is accessible again.

Powers Of The Runes

Sigel Rune : Take up to 15 Vikings from the World of the Dead and give them to the Gods as you want.

Daeg Rune : During the next 3 turns, the Gods do not draw an Enemy card from the deck.

Mann Rune : Move one Enemy counter 3 spaces backwards.

Tiwaz Rune : Move 3 Enemy counters one space backwards.

Effects Of The Giants

Prevents the Gods from bringing the Valkyries on the submerged island (but not making them leave). Turn over the Submerged Island tile on the whirlpool side when this Giant is active.

Cancels every Gods' power.

Prevents the Gods from performing any action on the targeted world (place the Unreachable World tile on the corresponding world as a reminder).

Prevents the Gods from rolling the die during combats. Only Vikings, Artifacts and Elves' forces are considered.

Adds 1 to the combat force of the indicated Enemy (turn the Enemy counter over on the +1 side as a reminder) or Giants.

Sacred Land


The Vanir gives the Gods a way of capitalizing their actions in order to get what they need at the right moment.

  • Move the Vanir one square forward on the Reinforcement scale. or

  • Put the Vanir back on the first square of the scale and apply the effect indicated by the square where the Vanir used to be or any other one on its left.

Move the Valkyries one island in Midgard without looking for souls. Moving through the whirlpool is still forbidden.

Take two Vikings directly from the World of the Dead.

Rearrange the 6 first cards on the top of the Enemy deck.

He Move an Enemy one space back in Asgard.

Discard a Giant of your choice from the Giant pile without fighting against it then shuffle the Giant pile.

For instance, the I active God can put the Vanir on the first square and either take 2 Vikings or move the Valkyries. Otherwise, he can move the Vanir one square forward: another God will be able to use his action to apply the effects corresponding to this new position.

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