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Rating: 5.4 Moderate
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-5 players
Playing time: 30-710 minutes

Created by: Mattiene Moustakas

Published by: AS Manufacturas, Borras Plana S.A., Carlit

Alternate Names: Classic Waterworks, el fontanero, Gioco del Tubo, Goteras, Läckan


First introduced in the 1970s, Waterworks is the original leaky pipe card game filled with wet and wild fun!

The first player to complete their own pipeline from valve to spout by connecting pipe cards in between wins! But beware! Other players are trying to ruin your best laid plans by placing \ leaky\ pipes on top of your good pipes.

If you're quick enough to repair leaks, make detours and complete your pipeline, you'll win the game. Each game comes with two decks of cards, eight metal wrenches and illustrated rules.

Some versions allow up to 5 players.

Retail Price:$16

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