Rating: 7.2 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 20-75 minutes

Official Site: CMON's Wacky Races Product Listing

Created by: Andrea Chiarvesio, Fabio Tola, Giovanna BC Guimarães

Published by: CMON Limited, Delta Vision Publishing, Edge Entertainment

Alternate Names: Los Autos Locos: El Juego de Mesa, Flúgos futam, Wacky Races: Il Gioco da Tavolo


It's a fine day out here at the track! Today, we'll see our brave drivers hit the road in their self-made racecars, putting rubber to asphalt all through the countryside full of deserts,

forests, prairies, and more. They will be revving their engines in order to take over the lead, push their machines to the limit, and put it all on the line to take the checkered flag!

But they'll have to watch out! Dick Dastardly is also out there. Whenever he and his snickering dog, Muttley, show up for race day, the Racers have more to worry about than just a rough spot in the road or running out of gas!

Wherever the Mean Machine turns up, the Racers find themselves dealing with sorts of nasty tricks and Traps that the dubious duo uses to cheat their way into 1st Place.

I see the Racers pulling up to their marks and getting their cars warmed up and ready to go! Let's head down trackside and watch. It's anyone's race today, and nobody knows who will cross the Finish Line first! It's time for a great day at the Wacky Races!

Wacky Races: The Board Game puts players in the "driver's seat" with control of their favorite drivers from the cartoon series, including The Slag Brothers, The Gruesome Twosome, Penelope Pitstop, Peter Perfect, and more, each with their own car equipped with special abilities.

They compete against each other as well as the game-controlled, mustachioed Dick Dastardly and his wheezy pup Muttley.

Races are simple, yet strategic, as players place cards indicating the terrain tiles to which their racer will move, with the last card played indicating where Dastardly and Muttley will end up.

However, it wouldn't be wacky without a little trouble standing in the way. Racers need to dodge or negate traps set by Dastardly as he attempts to stay ahead of the pack. Racers can choose between single races lasting 10-15 minutes or the Championship mode, which offers unique rulesets changing from race-to-race before a winner is named.

Wacky Races: The Board Game will be released in both a regular and a deluxe edition, with the deluxe edition including pre-painted miniatures, while the regular edition will have one-color miniatures.

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