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Rating: 4.4 Passable
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 60 minutes

Created by: Reuben Klamer, Bill Markham

Published by: Alga, Basic Fun, Inc., Estrela

Alternate Names: El camino de la vida, Destins, Az élet játéka, Game of Life, The Game of Life on a Keychain


This game attempts to mirror life events many people go through from going to college, raising a family, buying a home, working and retiring.

The intent of the game is to have the most assets at the end of the game, assets are earned primarily by working and earning tokens with dollars amount on them. Additionally the first person to complete the course gets additional money tokens.

There is a very linear board that you move along by spinning a wheel or landing on spaces that tell you to move to a specific space or forward or back.

There are a handful of intersections where you can choose to go one direction or another but they ultimately have similar spaces and meet back up quickly. There are a handful of choices regarding insurance and investments but for the most part it is a game of luck.

Note -- this entry covers many versions of the game with different rule sets. In general, the newer the printing the gentler the rules. The 1960s original can be quite brutal if the players choose to act on all the options made available to them. The most recent versions are suitable for young children without parental supervision.

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  • Gameboard
  • 6 Plastic Car Pawns
  • Pink and Blue "People" Pegs
  • 3 Mountains
  • 1 Bridge
  • 7 Buildings
  • Label Sheet
  • Spinner Base, Ring and Dial
  • Stack of Play Money, Bank Loans and Pay Raises
  • 25 LIFE Tiles
  • 24 Spin to Win Tokens
  • Deck of 54 Cards
  • Banker's Tray
  • Spin to Win Strip
  • Story Sheet
  • 5 Special Coins

Object of the Game

Travel the path of LIFE making decisions, building a family, earning money (and paying some out too), buying homes and collecting LIFE tiles.

Have the highest value at the end of the game and win. …


  • gameboard
  • 4 tokens
  • Spinner and base
  • 96 cards (in 2 decks)
  • 48 stars
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Hello! Your day is just about to get better. And exactly what fantastic things you do and where you go is totally up to you!

Collect stars as you travel through fantastic adventures.

If you get 10 stars first, you win!


Separate the cards into 58 Action cards, 22 $1 Notes, 12 VIP tickets, 4 Books of Adventures.

Choose your Junior car, and place it on its matching color START space.

Take the Book of Adventures card that matches the color of your car. …


  • 27 pink Family cards
  • 27 blue Career cards
  • 27 green Wealth cards
  • 27 yellow Adventure cards
  • 2 Reminder cards
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the player with the most points in your life story at the end of the game.

More cards in front of you on the table = more points!

Play cards onto the table to create your own life story. Have a great time and watch those points come flooding in! Read through the rules and try a practice game before you play for real. …


  • 1 Gameboard
  • 1 Spinner
  • Pegs
  • 5 SPIN TO WIN Tokens
  • 4 Cars
  • 4 Card Decks
  • 1 Electronic Banking Unit
  • 4 Electronic Banking Cards.

Object of the Game

Hit the road for a roller-coaster life of adventure, family and unexpected surprises! The wealthiest player wins!


  1. Give each player

    Your bank card comes loaded with 400K. Spend it wisely!

  2. Pop your peg in your car and place it on the start space.

  3. Put your token (and the silver one) into the center of the SPIN TO WIN circle on the gameboard. (Not on the spinner). …


  • Gameboard
  • Spinner and base
  • 100 cards
  • 4 cars
  • Money pack
  • 4 savings tokens
  • 24 pegs
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first to collect 500K to pay off your soul-crushing debt!


  1. Insert the spinner base into the gameboard.

  2. Choose a car and add a peg. (That emotionless little guy is you!)

    Put your car on the START space. Place the savings token that matches your car on the zero space of the savings tracker. As you collect (and lose) money, you'll move your token along the tracker. …


  • Gameboard
  • 1 spinner (in 4 parts)
  • 6 cars
  • 52 people pegs (blue and pink)
  • 12 career cards
  • 18 promotion tokens
  • 6 land tokens
  • 6 plastic house stands
  • 12 house tokens
  • 12 house cards
  • 7 lottery tokens
  • 17 LIFE tokens
  • 7 Extreme LIFE tokens
  • 54 bank loans
  • 1 pack of money
  • 6 reminder cards
  • 50 Story cards
  • 20 Extreme Story cards

Object of the Game

Move around the board and live life as an adventure! Will you take the safe path and build your fortunes the sensible way or will you risk it all as you walk the extreme path? …


  • 285 bill sheets of 5 denominations
  • 4 Indiana Jones Figures
  • One time assembly Game board
  • 3 Relics
  • 3 Mountains and a Spinner Base
  • 40 Adventure Cards
  • 4 Quick Reference Cards
  • Museum Building
  • Spinner Top
  • Rope Bridge
  • 5 Special Event Cards
  • 9 Partner Cards
  • 36 Life Tiles
  • Feather pin
  • Label sheet

Object of the Game

Collect money, Life Tiles and Relics and have the most money at the end of the game.


1 Place each Relic (The Ark, Sankara Stones and the Holy Grail) on its corresponding Relic Space. …

The Game of Life

In The Game of Life game players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life.

Move the car token around the gameboard from Start to Retirement, and experience unexpected surprises related to family, career, dream vacations, and other milestones of life.

Once everyone reaches the end of the game at retirement, everyone pays their debts and adds up their wealth. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins! …

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