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Story Mode

Surviving Avalon isn't easy! If you or your friends want a more relaxed experience and would prefer to simply enjoy the story without the fear of failing, perform setup and resolve any scalable events as if you had one less person in your Party.

Example: Three players light up a Menhir and see the following text: "Set the Dial to 8 (-1 for each player)".

Since they decided to play on an easier setting, they set the Dial to 6 instead of 5.

You may stop this at any point, if you feel you have a good grasp of the situation!

For an easier solo experience, you cannot tune the scaling any lower. Instead, remove the limiter plastic piece from the game, and mark with a regular marker instead. Your health will no longer limit your and you won't Panic in Combat or Diplomacy.

Challenge Mode

If your group wants an extra challenge and already knows the game well, you might want to increase the difficulty further. In that case, use the rule modifications listed below that lead to a more unforgiving and challenging experience.

Remember: for an intermediate experience, you may decide to apply only some of these changes!


  1. Each player should flip the limiter plastic piece up- side down so that the top of the heart icon points to the bot- tom of the track.

    This will make all players more susceptible to Panic and loss caused by damage, making wounds even more realistic. It will also limit self-recov- ery, requiring better teamwork and risk management from the players.

  2. Take Secret card 42 at the start of the game.

    People of the island distrust you, making all Diplomatic engagements harder.

Escaping Combat

You may try to Escape only once per your Character's Activation. To initiate an Escape, lose 1 . Then, receive an Opportunity attack and toss a Dial:

  • Skull: You remain in Combat!

  • Grail: You successfully Escape from Combat. Place the En- counter card on the bottom of its deck, and reshuffle your Com- bat deck, including any discarded cards.

Menhir Events

  1. When activated, all Menhirs have their duration reduced by 1 day.

    You have less time to explore and gather resources!

  2. When the game requires you to place any Random Event cards, place 1 less than instructed.

    Negative consequences will come faster.

Character Advancement

Instead of standard Experience costs, use the list below:

  • 5 Exp: Combat or Diplomacy deck advancement (draw 2 cards and pick 1)
  • 5 Exp: 1st point in a pair of opposing Attributes.
  • 10 Exp: 2nd point in a pair of opposing Attributes.
  • 15 Exp: 3rd point in a pair of opposing Attributes.
  • 20 Exp: 4th point in a pair of opposing Attributes.
  • 25 Exp: 5th point in a pair of opposing Attributes.
  • 30 Exp: 6th point in a pair of opposing Attributes.

Any further point in a pair of opposing Attributes costs 5 Exp more than the last one.

Resources and items

  1. You can have at most 20 of each Resource (except Exp).

  2. You can carry up to 5 Items (Secrets do not count towards that limit).

Allmother's Mercy

There's no mercy in the Challenge mode! If you die, the campaign ends in failure.

Free Play

At the start of the game, each player may place any Character tile in any Character Tray - including characters that would be unavailable in the current campaign. Then, each player picks any color of Combat & Diplomacy decks.

This leads to many new exciting combinations and deck building strategies.

Important: Players who pick a Character from a different time period/campaign will not be able to progress through this Character's personal story!

Additionally, special Abilities of Characters designed for a specific campaign might make some parts of other campaigns they were not designed for easier than intended.

Example: When playing the Fall of Avalon story, Duana's "Demonic Pact" makes the first crucial Chapters easier, as access to the potent "Terror Heal" near the starting Location reduces the risk of using this Ability.

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