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Rating: 6.9 Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 60-58 minutes

Created by: Jonny Pac Cantin, Jakub Fajtanowski, Michał Długaj

Published by: Board&Dice, Schwerkraft-Verlag, Tcg Factory


In the late 1840s, thousands of pioneers headed out West to seek wealth and opportunity. Many of these brave souls traveled by wagon over the Sierra Nevada mountain range, into what would soon become the Golden State of California. In the game Sierra West, you are an expedition leader who must guide a party of rough-and-ready pioneers-employing a clever mix of strategy and tactics with each step.

Sierra West comes with four sets of special cards and parts, each of which can be combined with the game's basic components to create a unique mode of play.

During setup, the players choose a mode, then build a mountain of overlapping cards with the corresponding deck. Each mode adds new thematic content, alternate paths to victory, and interesting twists on the core mechanisms.

At the start of each turn, you will overlap and arrange three cards into your player board-exposing and concealing a selection of the action icons available on them. This will create two unique paths for your

pioneers to follow. Next, you will move your pioneers across their paths from left to right, performing a series of small actions. Common actions include: claiming cards from the mountain, building cabins, gaining resources, and advancing your wagon.

Additional actions are brought into the game by the chosen mode-such as: harvesting apples, mining for gold, fishing, and fighting outlaws. As your pioneers complete their paths, they will gain access to the action spaces on the upper portions of your cards.

On these, you will be able to exchange resources to advance on the wagon trail and homestead tracks, or to activate other special abilities unique to the mode.

As the game continues-and more cards are removed from the mountain-new and exciting things are discovered! Each piece of the mountain is either a card that can be gained to improve your deck, or a special card that is added to a face-up row at the mountain's base.

As this row extends, more of the mode's opportunities and challenges come into play. For example, in the Boats & Banjos mode, the row is a river that offers more fishing and gold panning options as time goes on.

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  • Moutain base
  • 4 Player Boards
  • 2 Scoring Boards
  • Cabin Market Board
  • 154 Cards
  • 104 Resource pieces
  • 13 Figures
  • 12 Homestead Markers
  • 4 Wagon pieces
  • 4 Canoe pieces
  • 83 Tiles
  • 54 Tokens
  • 1 Apple Supply board
  • 2 Apple Supply Markers
  • 8 Aplle homestead markers
  • 1 Starting player Marker
  • 1 Die
  • Instructions

Sierra West comes with four modes of play: Apple Hill , Boats & Banjos , Gold Rush , Outlaws & Outposts . Rules pertaining to each mode will be highlighted by their appropriate background color. …

Apple Hill

In Apple Hill mode, apples (Granny Smith - green, and Red Delicious - red) are communal resources, in that any player may gain or spend them, regardless of who gained them last. When you gain them, you increase the value of the respective apple supply track (to the maximum of 6 per kind). When you spend apples, you decrease the value of the respective track.

Note: Apples are not considered "basic resources" and can never be spent in place of food, wood, or stone. …

Green Cabins (to be used by The Tan-path Pioneer)

  • Whenever your green-path pioneer lands on a path action with 2 boots, you may gain 1 gold (if you forgo using the boots)

    Note: You cannot use this cabin's ability outside of this exact context - meaning, you cannot spend Pair of Boots tokens to gain gold, etc.

  • Whenever your green-path pioneer lands on a path action with 2 boots, you may gain a Pair of Boots token (if you forego using the boots).

    Note: You cannot use this cabin's ability outside of this exact context. …

Hastings Cutoff

In the solo version of Sierra West you will play against an automated opponent called Hastings.

This name is inspired by Lansford Hastings, a man who lead a large group of pioneers to their demise by suggesting a deadly "shortcut". Throughout these rules "you" will refer to the lone human player, while "Hastings" or "it" will refer to the automated opponent.


  • 4x mode-specific solo reference cards
  • 18x Hastings's plan cards


  1. Set up the game with a mode for 2-players, choosing any color for Hastings's pieces. But mind the following exceptions: …

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