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Root can be played with many combinations of factions. The following list is not exhaustive. Other combinations are possible but may be more fragile and thus require experienced, aggressive players. We offer some recommended mixes (marked with a torch) as ideal ways to introduce the game to new players.

When playing with two players, do not use the dominance cards.

The two player game is also best played over the course of two full games (each takes about 30-45 minutes). After the first game, players should record their scores and trade factions. After the second game, each player should add their scores from both games to determine the winner.

Two Players

Eyrie versus Marquise is an ideal two-player learning game. ^ie Eyrie must grow explosively to keep the Marquise in check.

Two-player Alliance games offer Alliance players a chance to hone their skills in difficult situations. ^iey will usually fare better against the Eyrie, but well-timed revolts and rapid mobilization can vex the Marquise as well.

Here the Eyrie must be careful to build a Decree that can withstand the Vagabond's nimble attacks.

Three Players

The struggle between the Marquise and the Eyrie will be the defining characteristic of these games. Vagabond and Alliance alike must be careful to pick their friends and not create a situation that they cannot later control.

Here, the Vagabond will have a natural friend in the Alliance. Both should watch out for dominance victory and not neglect developing their military strength.

Four Players

With the map brimming with interlopers, the Marquise must not neglect policing the Woodland in the hopes of scoring a few extra victory points. If she loses control, she will not easily regain it.

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