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  • Make sure to understand the scoring mode of each different building before playing: use your Helper if needed.

  • Try to define a rough strategy: do you want to follow an industrial approach, building Harbors and Factories? If yes, you will probably need to build Shops to maximize the profits of your Factories and Parks to absorb pollution.

    If you choose a more residential strategy, you need to build Tower Blocks, some Public Services, and Shops to attract the numerous Inhabitants of your Tower Blocks.

  • Plan ahead: keep some room in your city and avoid filling a same line or column (e.g. line 1 and column 1) in the first rounds - otherwise you could be blocked in future turns.

  • At the beginning of each round, try to spot the Buildings that are of interest in the Construction Site and think about the best way to recover them with your Architects.

  • Make sure you have enough Resources to activate your Buildings. Buildings that are not activated are completely ignored when scoring!

  • Be opportunistic: do not hesitate to block an opponent if you see that your move may prevent your opponent from taking what they want on the Construction Site.

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