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There are 6 types of Buildings in the Classic Mode of Quadropolis.

  • Each type of Building has its own scoring mode that depends on various factors such as its distribution, its location, and also whether it is adjacent to other specific Buildings or not.

    Diagonally positioned Tiles are NEVER considered to be adjacent.

  • Scoring modes for each type of Building are available on the Helpers.

Remember: a Building must be activated in order to score VPs at the end of the game. The type of Resources required to activate a Building are identified with a small icon at the bottom right of each Building.

Tower Blocks

Score VPs depending on their height (number of floors).

  • Come with 1, 2 or 3 Inhabitants
  • Activating a Tower Block requires 1 Energy Unit
  • Can be stacked up to 4 floors: any floor after the 1st one may be built with any Architect that has the matching number. In each round (except the last one), there is one Tower Block that comes with 1 Inhabitant and has the Mayor pawn symbol.

A player that places this tile in their city is the first player for the next round.


Score VPs depending on the number of Customers they attract (how many Inhabitants are placed on them)

  • Activating a Shop requires 1 Energy Unit
  • A Shop can welcome up to 4 Customers
  • Cannot be stacked Inhabitants in a player's city can be moved from one Building to another at any moment during the game, and this applies to the Customers in the Shops as well. It is only when the scoring takes place at the end of the game that the allocation of Inhabitants is considered final.

Public Services

Score VPs depending on how well spread out they are in the various city Districts.

  • Grant 0, 1 or 2 VPs that will be added to the player's score at the end of the game
  • Activating a Public Service requires 1 Inhabitant
  • Cannot be stacked When calculating the score for Public Services, remember to add the VPs marked on the Tiles, if any!


Score VPs when Tower Blocks are adjacent to them.

  • Do not require any Resource to be activated
  • Cannot be stacked
  • Parks absorb pollution: at the end of the game, before scoring, you may place 1 Energy Unit that you have in excess in each Park to avoid negative points.


Score VPs when Shops and Harbors are adjacent to them.

  • Come with 1, 2 or 3 Energy Units
  • Activating a Factory requires 1 Inhabitant
  • Cannot be stacked


Score VPs when placed in a line or column.

  • Come in 4 different versions, with a combination of Inhabitants, Energy Units and VPs that are added to the player's total at the end of the game
  • Activating a Harbor requires 1 Inhabitant
  • Cannot be stacked When calculating the score for Harbors, remember to add the VPs marked on the tiles, if any!

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