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  • 16 tiles
  • 8 dice


Lay out all tiles side-by-side in ascending order.

Game Play

  1. Roll all available dice.

  2. Keep all the dice of one value.
    • You cannot select a value of dice that you have already set aside.
    • If you cannot take a set of dice, you have failed to take a tile and you must stop.

  3. Stop or roll again.

    If you choose to stop, you add up the value of all your dice (worms have a value of 5).

    1. If it equals or exceeds the value of one of the tiles in the center AND one of your dice contains a worm, you may take that tile.

    2. If it equals the value of another player's topmost tile AND one of your dice contains a worm, you may instead take that tile.

    Place your tile on top of any existing tiles in front of you.

    Important: If you have no more dice to roll and you do not have enough to take a tile OR you do not have dice that contain a worm, you have failed to take a tile.

  4. Play passes to the next player in clockwise order.

Failing to take a tile

You must turn over the tile in the row with the highest value AND you must return the top- most tile of your stack to the row of tiles.

End of the Game

The game ends when all the tiles in the center of the table have been acquired.

The players then add up all the worms on their tiles and the player with the most worms wins.

In case of a tie, the tied player with the highest value tile is the winner.


New Setup

  • Place the 11 and 13 tiles to the left of the other tiles.

  • Place the Specialists as follows:

New Rules

11 and 13 tiles can only be taken if rolled exactly and they cannot be stolen.


You gain a specialist when you take a tile with a specialist on it OR if you steal a tile from another player who has a specialist.

Place a specialist you own back to the center on the lowest empty tile if you fail at an at- tempt OR if you obtain a second specialist (You can only have one specialists at one time).

  • Canned Worm: Counts as a worm (5 points) if it's the only worm in your results.

  • Sitting Hen: If a failed attempt, you lose the hen and not a tile (unless you don't have any tiles). Players steal your hen instead of your tile. Players cannot steal your bratwurm.

  • Raven: Gain a bratwurm (from supply first, then from another player if empty). Do not take raven. WeaseJRe-roll the dice you just rolled once per turn.

  • Golden Die: Use it as a ninth die.

  • Bratwurms: Each worth 1 point at the end of the game. You gain a bratwurm when you set aside at least two dice that show a 1.

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