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The solo adventure puts you on the Trail alongside Park Rangers who move alongside you as they take care of the Trail.

Enjoy your hike, but don't take too long as Events are triggered when Rangers collect enough tokens from the Weather. The goal remains the same-score as many points as possible through your Parks, Year, Photos, and .


Setup to Solo Mode remains the same with these changes below:

  • After shuffling the GEAR deck, place it onto its slot on the board and do not reveal any Gear cards.

  • When setting up the Trail, place Trail End on the SOLO side.

  • After choosing your Hiker and Campfire color, choose one for the Rangers. Rangers do not need their Campfire. Place your Hikers and the Rangers at the Trailhead.

  • Place the Ranger Tracker from the Event deck next to your play area. Shuffle the Event deck and place it near the Tracker. Reveal the top card from the deck so the colors line-up with the Tracker. This is the current active Event card.

  • You begin the game with the and

You're ready to start!

Taking Turns

Turns alternate between you and the Rangers. On your turn, choose either of your Hikers and move them down the Trail to visit a Site and take its action-following the same movement rules as multiplayer.

For the Rangers' turn, flip over the top Gear card from the deck and place it in a Gear slot: COST goes in the left-most Gear slot on the board, goes in the middle slot, and goes in the right slot. Then, move a Ranger the number of spaces equal to the Gear's cost down the Trail. When moving the Rangers, follow these rules:

  • If a Hiker is ahead of both Rangers on the Trail, move the Front Ranger-the one furthest down the Trail.

  • If a Ranger is ahead or tied with your Front Hiker, move the Back Ranger-the one furthest from Trail End.

  • Rangers can land on a Site that is already occupied by a Ranger, but if their movement caused them to land on a Hiker, they skip to the next Site as they don't want to disturb your enjoyment of the Trail.

  • You may still use your Campfire to share a site with one of your Hikers or with a Ranger.


When a Ranger lands on a Weather token, collect that token and place it on the Ranger Tracker. The Tracker has two rows-the top for and the bottom for . If the Tracker receives three of the same type of Weather token, then the Event card is triggered.

Resolve the action on the card that corresponds to the token row that has been filled. Then, put that Event card on the bottom of the Event deck and reveal a new active Event card. Return the three matching tokens that triggered the Event to the supply.

Any other tokens on the Tracker should remain.

Event Notes: The Ranger that is moving is the Active Ranger. If an Event moves a Hiker to a Site, you do not also get its action.

Solo Trail End

Your Hikers have the same three options at Trail End: Reserve a Park, Buy Gear (at no discount), or Visit a Park. Your Campfire relights each time one of your Hiker's reaches Trail End.

Rangers take unique actions at the Trail End. The three dark green slots on the left side of the Trail End tile are reserved for Rangers. The cost of the Gear that landed the Ranger at Trail End determines which action slot it takes:

  • Top Slot - Discard the left-most Park on the board. The Ranger moves right to the A slot and gains the if you have not already claimed the slot for the Season. If you have, then the Ranger moves to the Reserve a Park area, making the action unavailable until the next Season.

  • Middle Slot - Discard The Middle Park. Return The Jfsj To The Supply.

  • Bottom Slot - Discard the right Park. Shuffle all ##* COST Gear back into the Gear deck.

Trail End Notes: If a Park card is discarded by a Ranger at Trail End, do not refill the empty slot until the end of the Season.

Parks visited by Hikers are replaced from the deck like normal. If a second Ranger reaches the Trail End and would occupy the same space as the previous Ranger, nothing happens.

Last hiker(s) or ranger(s) on the trail

If both of your Hikers reach the Trail End before the Rangers, all remaining Rangers are pulled to the Trail End, and do not take a Trail End action.

If both Rangers reach the Trail End before your Hikers have completed their hike, all remaining Hikers on the Trail move to Trail End. Whether you have one or two Hikers remaining on the Trail, you may only choose one final action at Trail End before completing that Season.

Season End

When the Season ends, refresh any empty Park card slots that were affected by the Rangers, in addition to the regular end of the Season actions. The game ends as normal at the end of the fourth Season.

Solo Mode Scoring

  • Less than 20 points: You definitely went hiking, but you missed some great Sites! Grab a map and get back out there!

  • 20-24: You're going casual now, a real enthusiast. A few more hearty conversations with your local outdoors gear shop, and you'll be jamming!

  • 25-29: You're a seasoned Hiker now. You're leaving those Parks better than you found them. The Rangers thank you!

  • 30+: Your time on the Trail was an unforgettable experience! You made memories that will last a lifetime. Congrats!

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