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Q: Can I visit a site without taking its action?

No. To visit a Site, you must be able to take its action. For example, if you don't have two tokens to exchange, then you cannot visit the Lodge.

Q: Can I use weather towards a trail site's action?

Yes. Weather tokens on a Site are collected immediately, so they can be used towards the Trail Site's action, such as the River or Lodge.

Q: What happens if we run out of tokens?

If there is no longer a type of token in the supply, then the Site the token is linked to cannot be visited as its action cannot be taken. Once those tokens are re- turned to the supply, the Site becomes available again.

Q: When can I fill a canteen?

Canteens can be filled from collected on a turn. You cannot use you have previously collected to fill any Canteens.

You may use any gained that turn to fill a Canteen and in any order you prefer. For example, if you gain from the Weather Pattern on the Vista, you may use it to fill the Canteen you just gained.

Q: How does the lodge work?

At the Lodge, you turn in any two tokens to gain any other two-excluding Wildlife. Neither of the tokens you gain can match the ones you turned in. You may even gain two of the same type of token, as long as the ones you turned in do not match it.

Q: Does the lodge count toward season effects?

Yes. For example, if you visit the Lodge during the Season of Snow and you turn in to gain there, then you will trigger Season of Snow's effect and gain one additional .

Q: Do actions on canteens count toward season effects?


Q: Can using the river activate gear that specifies a site?

No. The River allows you to copy the action of another Site, but it doesn't count as visiting that Site directly. However, tokens gained by visiting the River still benefit from Season Effects.

Q: Can multiple gear cards like maps, compasses, and journals be used together?

Yes, each of these cards has an ongoing ability that discounts visiting a Park by one or two tokens. The effects are cumulative-meaning, several can affect the cost of a single Park card. A token type on a Park can never be reduced below zero.

Q: How do sunscreen or rain gear work?

These cards allow you to visit a Park using a different type of token in place of another. When visiting a Park this ability applies to the token symbols shown on the Park card (and not to the discounts from other Gear).

Q: How does filling a canteen for free work with the water bottle?

When you visit the Site mentioned, you may take a from the supply for free and place it into a Canteen to activate it.

Q: How does season of rain and splendor work?

One or depending on the Season-is added on top of each of the three available Park cards at the start of the Season.

When a player Visits or Reserves a Park with a token on top, the player also gains the token. The token may even be used immediately toward the Park or in a Canteen. Do not add more or on the Parks that come out later in Season.

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