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Rating: 7.9 Very Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 75-67 minutes

Official Site: Mechanica

Created by: Mary Flanagan, Emma Hobday, Max Seidman, Cisco Garrido, Mariana Sosa, Spring Yu, Ann-Sophie De Steur

Published by: Resonym


Mechanica Inc. will make the world spotless with their Tidybots: ambitious vacuum robots made for global DOMINATION cleanliness! Humans are messy. It's time they got some help!

Build the best Tidybot factory and ship out as many Tidybots as possible to prepare for (the definitely harmless) OPERATION CLEANUP. The player who has sold the most money worth of Tidybots wins!

Mechanica is a game of tile-laying and engine building. Each player buys puzzle piece-shaped machines and slots them together to form their factory.

The different machines all improve the Tidybots your factory can make: building new Tidybots, upgrading them, copying them, and more. There are many strategies for putting your machines together, and everyone has fun trying to build the perfect factory!

Players compete to buy the best machines for their factory at the best prices while running their factories, shipping out Tidybots for profit, completing specialty bot blueprints to fill their vaults with money, and turning the rotating shop wheel.

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Mechanica: Inventions & Overlords

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  • 4 Factory Boards
  • The Shop
  • 15 Blueprints
  • 15 Big Truckers
  • 7 Huge Trucks
  • Money
  • Armand Card
  • 4 Vaults
  • 9 Different Improvements
  • Single Player Chips
  • 10 Forks
  • 4 Reminder Cards
  • 72 Tidybot Models
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The game ends when there are no more improvements left to buy. At that point, the player with the most money is the winner and gets to enjoy that wealth until the robot revolution for the rest of their life.

You add up:

  • Money in your Wallet (From selling bots)
  • Money in your Vault (From blueprints)
  • The value of your improvements (Varies per improvement)


  1. Each Player Gets: …

Gift Wrapper

Gives 1 to your Vault (from the Supply) whenever a bot passes through it

Bots don't stop when passing through the Gift Wrapper


Upgrades a bot to the next model up.

When a bot enters the input hole, that bot is immediately replaced with the next more valuable model, placed into the output hole. A turns into a , and a turns into a . (A is just placed as-is in the output hole).

At the start of the next workday, the bot in the output hole will leave the improvement. …

Object of the Game

Make more money than to win. Try to defeat him on each of the difficulty settings. The game ends immediately once there are no improvements left to buy.

  • You score normally.

  • scores by multiplying the value of his improvements by six (a single Repurposer will be worth 24 for him) and then adding the money in his Vault and the money in his Wallet.


Set the game up as in multiplayer, then:

  1. Give :

    • His own Vault
    • for his Wallet
    • The single player chip
    • The card 2
  2. Set aside a place next to the card to stack improvements he buys (he doesn't get a Factory Board). …

Q: Do improvements need to face forward?

No! Improvements don't need to face forward. They can be installed and rotated in any direction.

It will often be useful to install improvements like the Gift Wrapper facing up or down.

You can even install improvements backward, but be careful-bots follow the arrows on the conveyor belts, and when a bot is carried into an improvement exit or the flat side of an improvement, the bot is destroyed.

You'll want lots of Forks to direct bots properly into and out of backwards improvements. …

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