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Rating: 8.3 Very Good
Players: 1-4 players
Playing time: 150-9 minutes

Created by: Alexander Pfister, Fiore GmbH, Andreas Resch

Published by: Game's Up, Capstone Games, dlp games


Tbe Caribbean in the 17th Century: Various European nations vie for supremacy and try to improve their economic and political standing in the region.

You are seafarers and adventurers who spend your days trying to increase your own standing among these countries^ to improve your networks, and of course obtain fame and fortune.

Doing so is a lot of work, since the competition isn't taking any days off. Only if you manage to pull your plans of without a hitch will victory be within your grasp.

There are different strategies to follow: you could upgrade your boat to a mighty ship, win swordfights, go on raids, set up a net- work of minions and informants, raise an expedition, and more. But be careful: you will need to plan your actions carefully - the end of a round can come sooner than you want!

Starting in Havana, you will play four rounds, traveling around the map in your ship, performing actions at each stop. These actions mill help you gain an advantage by playing out cards, sending your crew to help at a particular location, fighting under a nations flag, delivering goods, upgrading your ship, completing quests, or exploring the land's interior.

As soon as a player has circumnavigated the Caribbean once, an interim scoring takes place, at which point money and victory points are distributed Then, everything begins from Havana once again.

The story that slowly develops over multiple games will introduce new elements which might alter the game board, or give you new options.

The player who, at the end of the game, has used the right cards and tactics to amass the most victory points is the winner, and will be remembered as the greatest seafarer!

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