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Hello, Party Animals! Get ready for 225+ new, creative, discussion-fueled questions just waiting to be answered.

This Party version of our bestselling Loaded Questions game has exciting new game play that challenges players to (1) guess 'which player wrote which answer' on their turn and (2) write the 'favorite' answer on everyone else's turn.


  • Gameboard
  • 66 Question Cards (232 Loaded Questions, 32 Party Fouls and Party Favors),
  • Answer Pad
  • 6 Pencils
  • 6 Game Pieces
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

The first player to race around the board and land on the WIN space wins the game!


Place the gameboard and shuffled question cards facedown in the middle of the play area. Select game pieces and place them on the Start space.

All players take an answer sheet and pencil and write their name at the top of their sheet. The shortest player starts the game. Play moves clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn...

  1. Pick the top card and read aloud the question (or Party Foul/ Favor) matching the colored space you're on.

    (If you're on an orange space, read aloud the orange question).

    If your game piece is on Start, you can choose any question on the card. However, Party Fouls/Favors cannot be played.

  2. All other players (not you) secretly write their personal answer to the question on their answer sheet.

    (There are no right or wrong answers, but players are encouraged to get creative with their answers!)

  3. All answers are collected, shuffled, and read aloud by the player to your right. (You will not see the handwriting, because the player to your right is reading the answers aloud).

    After hearing ALL of the answers, you must FIRST pick your favorite answer and THEN guess which player wrote which answer.

    • It helps to hear the question again before answers are read aloud.

    • The reader should familiarize himself/herself with the answers before reading them aloud.

    • Players should be discreet when answers are read aloud, and when you are selecting your favorite answer and guessing 'who wrote what'.

    • Whether you like an answer because it was hilarious, honest, creative or ridiculous, it is up to you in deciding your 'favorite'.

  4. The player to your right reveals which player wrote which answer. You advance one space for every correctly matched answer. The player who wrote your favorite answer advances two spaces on the board.

    Play moves clockwise. Used cards can be placed at the bottom of the deck.

Party Fouls and Party Favors

With each of the 16 Party Fouls and 16 Party Favors scattered among the questions, you and sometimes your fellow players have a chance of moving back or advancing one space...before you play one of the three remaining questions on the card.

Multi-colored Spaces

If your game piece is on one of these spaces and you draw a card with a Party Foul or Favor, you must play the Party Foul or Favor before playing any one of the three remaining questions on the card. Otherwise, simply play any one of the four questions on the card.

Game Board

End of the Game

The first player to land on the WIN space wins the game (either by matching answers correctly, writing the favorite answer, or advancing on a Party Favor). Players are not required to land on the WIN space with an exact advance.

In the unlikely event two players reach the WIN space on the same turn, then both players win the game!

Notes On Play
  • There are no categories for the questions, and no right or wrong answers to any of the questions. Just write neatly!

  • Players will decide how long a player has to determine an answer.

  • If more than six people want to play, simply double up with another player, take turns answering questions, and combine forces in choosing favorite answers and guessing 'who wrote what'.

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