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  • Spinner Board
  • Spinner
  • 308 Adult Loaded Questions
  • 55 VIP Cards
  • Answer Pad
  • 6 Pencils
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

Be the first player to collect 8 VIP cards by (1) guessing which player wrote which answer on your turn and (2) writing the favorite answer on everyone else's turn.


Attach the spinner top and bottom to the spinner board, and place the board in the middle of the play area. Separate the question cards from the VIP cards and place both decks face-down next to each other in the middle of the play area.

All players take an answer sheet and pencil and write their name at the top of their sheet. The shortest player starts the game. Play moves clockwise.

Game Play

On your turn...

  1. Spin the spinner, pick the next question card, and read aloud the question matching the colored space the spinner lands on.

    Question Card

    (If the spinner lands on pink, read aloud the pink question.

    • If you land on CHOOSE, you can choose any one of the four questions to play. (If the CHOOSE space you land on says 'all or nothing', see asterisk under #4).

    • If you land on STEAL or GIVE, follow the instructions on the spinner. If nobody has a VIP card to steal or you don't have a VIP card to give...tough luck!

  2. All other players (not you) secretly write their personal answer to the question on their answer sheet.

    There no right or wrong answers, but players are encouraged to get creative with their answers!)

  3. All answers are collected, shuffled, and read aloud by the player to your right. (You will not see the handwriting, because the player to your right is reading the answers aloud).

    After hearing ALL of the answers, you must FIRST pick your favorite answer and THEN guess which player wrote which answer.

    • It helps to hear the question again before answers are read aloud.

    • The reader should familiarize himself/herself with the answers before reading them aloud.

    • Players should be discreet when answers are read aloud, and when you are selecting your favorite answer and guessing 'who wrote what'.

    • Whether you like an answer because it was hilarious, honest, creative or ridiculous, it is up to you in deciding your 'favorite'.

  4. The player to your right reveals which player wrote which answer. If you match 1 + answer(s) correctly in a 4-player game or 2+ answers correctly in a 5-6 player game, pick one VIP card from the top of the deck.

    If you match all answers correctly, pick a second bonus VIP card. The player who wrote your favorite answer picks one VIP card.

    If the CHOOSE space you land on says 'all or nothing', you must match all answers correctly. Otherwise, neither you nor the player who wrote your favorite answer collects any VIP cards. It's all or nothing!

    Players should proudly display their VIP cards face-up in their play area. Used question cards should be placed at the bottom of the question cards deck. Play moves clockwise.

End of the Game

The first player to collect 8 VIP cards wins the game.

In the unlikely event two players collect an 8th VIP card on the same turn, then both players win the game!

Notes On Play
  • The VIP cards act as fun game tokens meant to spark even more conversation after each turn.

  • There are no categories for the questions, and no right or wrong answers to any of the questions. Just write neatly!

  • Players will decide how long a player has to determine an answer.

  • Do not be too specific with your answers. You may give the spinner an easy guess!

  • If you run out of answer sheets, visit to print new (free) sheets or order a new pad.

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