Rating: 7.8 Very Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Official Site: Kingdom Builder game page from Queen Games, including rules in English and multiple others

Created by: Donald X. Vaccarino, Oliver Schlemmer

Published by: Queen Games, Lautapelit.fi, REBEL.pl

Alternate Names: Królestwo w Budowie


Kingdom Builder is a strategic area control and construction board game. Players must create their own kingdom by constructing as many settlements as possible in order to earn as much gold as possible.

You play with 40 wooden houses and a random board built with modular sections (hexes) offering random abilities. Three random criteria for scoring are selected and each player gets one card with a terrain type on it. On your turn, you can place 3 wooden houses on that terrain type and draw a new card. The houses must be placed adjacent to your other houses if possible, else you can place them on that terrain type anywhere else on the board.

You can also get special abilities when you place a house next to them on the board. When a player runs out of houses, everyone can end their turn and the game ends. The scoring phase can start and the player with most points is the winner. Each game will have it's own victory point conditions, helping to make each game different.

Retail Price:$40
Kingdom Builder: Capitol
Kingdom Builder: Caves
Kingdom Builder: Crossroads
Kingdom Builder: Harvest
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Origins Awards Best Board Game Nominee 2013
Vuoden Peli Adult Game of the Year Nominee 2012
Spiel des Jahres Winner 2012
Spiel des Jahres Nominee 2012
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Game Components

  • 8 different game board sections
  • 28 location tiles
  • 160 settlements - 40 of each player color
  • 4 gold markers
  • 1 start player tile
  • 25 terrain cards
  • 10 different Kingdom Builder cards
  • 8 summary cards of location tiles
  • 1 rules booklet


  1. Select any 4 of the 8 game board sections and assemble them to a rectangular game board as shown in the example below.

  2. Place four summaries of location tiles next to the game board pieces matching the location hexes.

  3. Place 2 corresponding location tiles on each location hex.

  4. Shuffle all terrain cards and keep them within easy reach as face down draw pile. …

Donald X. Vaccarino, the designer, was aiming for a newer style of game that had tons of replayability.

Having virtually created the genre, Dominion earned Donald X. Vaccarino the most prestigious board game design award: The Spiel des Jahres. Kingdom Builder, his latest offering, received another Spiel des Jahres showing us that Vaccarino is here to stay.

Have A Plan

The first thing you'll want to do after setting up the game is develop a game plan. Without a plan, your choices in the game will lack the cohesion necessary to do well. This is true of many strategy board games. In Kingdom Builder, it is especially important because a poorly planned first few turns can drastically limit your future options. …

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