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Rating: 6.2 Fair
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 20-16 minutes

Created by: Michael Adams, Eric Foster, Alex Foster, William Foster, Ellagrin, Alex Foster

Published by: Outset Media, Falomir Juegos

Alternate Names: Las llaves del castillo


Keys to the Castle is a tile-based game of strategy and luck.

Players must open and close doors (the tiles) to move along a path and be the first to cross to the other side.

Special cards are played to hacksaw through barred doors, use a skeleton key to unlock padlocked doors, throw a net on a player to stop them in their tracks or use secret passageways to maneuver your way to the other side.

The game is easy to learn and quick to play. With the tiles acting as the "board", there is a new outcome to each game every time the tiles and cards are shuffled.

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