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Rating: 8.3 Very Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-6 players
Playing time: 30 minutes

Official Site: Official Page for Junk Art by Pretzel Games

Created by: Jay Cormier, Sen-Foong Lim, Chris Quilliams

Published by: Pretzel Games


In Junk Art, players are presented with junk from which they must create art. Thus the name.

Junk Art contains more than ten game modes, along with more than sixty big colorful wooden components. In one version of the game, players pile all of the wooden parts in the center of the table, then are dealt a number of cards, with each card depicting one of these parts. On a turn, a player presents their left-hand neighbor with two cards from their hand.

This neighbor takes one card in hand, then takes the part shown on the other card and places it on their base or on other parts that they've already placed. If something falls, it stays on the table and the player continues to build on whatever still stands. Once players have finished playing cards, whoever has the tallest work of art wins.

Retail Price:$59

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Where some see junk, others see art! You Are An Up-and-coming Prodigy, Known For Turning Everyday Pieces Of Junk Into Magnicent Structures And Extraordinary Creations: Junk Art! But The Scene Is Growing Fast, And As Prodigious As You Are, Others Are Starting To Show Real Skills. All Over The World, The Movement Is Gaining Fans, And Each City Is Exhibiting Their Preferences.

The Time Has Come For You To Leave Your Home Town And Show Your Creations To The World. Go On A World Tour And Make The Most Fans, All In The Name Of Junk Art! …

The remaining pages describe the various city rules. Refer only to your current city!

City Card Overview

  1. City name and page reference.
  2. Number of supported players.
  3. Exhibition end condition.
  4. Direction of play: clockwise, counterclockwise, or simultaneously.
  5. Quick setup reference. Note that these do not replace the rules.
  6. Potential fan gains.
  7. Common base(s). Only shown on certain cards.

Home Town

While you're collaborating with other artists, you still want your art to be appreciated and noticed more than anyone else's.

Players: 2-6. …


  1. Give each player one base. Each player chooses on which side to place it.

  2. Shuffle the Junk Art deck and place it within easy reach of all players.

  3. Spread out the Junk pieces as a supply, with the fan tokens and tape measure nearby.

  4. Start player is: first city - last to have visited an art exhibition; following cities: player with the fewest fans. In case of tie, next in clockwise order.

  5. Finish setting up by following the city's special rules. …

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