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  • Customizing The Game

    To customize the game, you may subtract the word tiles, the theme, or both! Do what works best for your players to make it the most fun.

  • Interpreting Pictures

    After a Jabber chooses the pictures, players should not describe them to the group so players can interpret the pictures for themselves.

    Globetrotter Cards

  • Writing About Pictures

    Players must refer to anything about each picture chosen by the Jabber for their stories. If a player does not refer to something about each picture, that player's story will not earn a point but can still be chosen as a favorite story by the Jabber and earn a point that way.

    Players may also refer to something implied by the picture. Example: a player could use the word "deep" as a way of referring to a picture of someone scuba diving.

  • Writing With Word Tiles

    Players must include the words on the word tiles in their stories and can add to the word or change its tense. Example: "Smile" may be turned into "smiling".

  • Writing In Teams

    If playing in a group of six or more, try pairing off in teams to take turns writing the stories. The partner of the Jabber can write a story which is eligible to be chosen as the favorite.

  • Missing Elements

    For a story to earn a point, it must refer to each picture, use each word, and incorporate the theme in a minor or major way. If a story is missing any elements it will not earn a point but can still be chosen by the Jabber as the favorite story and earn a point that way.

    Any player can challenge if a story has all the elements. If a player disagrees that their story is missing elements, that player may defend their story. Then a majority vote decides whether or not the story can earn a point.

    Stories can no longer be challenged after the next Jabber has picked a new Theme Card.

  • Time Limit

    If players are still writing when the timer has ended, the Jabber decides if players can have a few more moments to finish their stories. Otherwise, the players must turn in or text their stories immediately. The Jabber can help players finish on time by letting them know when the timer has almost ended.

  • Reading The Stories

    It is important that the player reading the stories is able to read each one clearly to the group. If possible, Readers should read through each story before reading them to the group.

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