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Rating: 6.4 Fair
Players: 3-99 players
Playing time: 40-9 minutes

Created by: Allen Wolf

Published by: Morning Star Games

Alternate Names: JabberJot: the laugh-out-loud storymaking game


Quick! You've got 90 seconds to write a story about a musician, a phone booth and the desert. Make sure you use the words "juggle", "tasty" and "rebel" and write it in the theme of "time travel".

It doesn't have to make sense - the wackier the better! If your story is the favorite, you'll win the challenge.

JabberJot is the hilarious word game where you create all kinds of wild tales. In each round, you race against the timer to jot out a story using three pictures, three words and a theme that are different each time.

When time is up, you'll win the challenge if the jabber (the player judging) likes your story the best. You'll fall on the floor laughing when you hear the outrageous stories your friends and family concoct. Score enough challenge cards and you win the game!

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JabberJot is the hilarious storymaking game where you create all kinds of wild tales.

Race against the timer to jot out a story based on three pictures, three words, and a theme that change with each round. The stories don't have to make sense - the wackier the better!


  • 75 Hipster Cards
  • 75 Globetrotter Cards
  • 75 Thingamajig Cards
  • 75 Theme Cards
  • 140 Word Tiles - featuring 280 words
  • Timer - 90 seconds to jot out your best story
  • Card Box - holds the picture cards

Object of the Game

When time is up, you'll win a point if you crammed all the elements into your story and you'll win another point if the Jabber likes your story the best. …

  • Customizing The Game

    To customize the game, you may subtract the word tiles, the theme, or both! Do what works best for your players to make it the most fun.

  • Interpreting Pictures

    After a Jabber chooses the pictures, players should not describe them to the group so players can interpret the pictures for themselves.

    Globetrotter Cards
  • Writing About Pictures

    Players must refer to anything about each picture chosen by the Jabber for their stories. If a player does not refer to something about each picture, that player's story will not earn a point but can still be chosen as a favorite story by the Jabber and earn a point that way. …

You've Played The Basic Game, Now Try These Wild Variations!

Jabber Me

For a wider range of wacky stories, let all players be Jabbers. All Jabbers choose a theme card, pictures, and word tiles themselves. Jabbers will want to keep their words and pictures secret so no one can guess their identity.

When time is up, players text or give their stories to a designated Reader. Change readers for each round. After all the stories are read aloud, each person votes for his or her favorite story. …

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