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JabberJot is the hilarious storymaking game where you create all kinds of wild tales.

Race against the timer to jot out a story based on three pictures, three words, and a theme that change with each round. The stories don't have to make sense - the wackier the better!


  • 75 Hipster Cards
  • 75 Globetrotter Cards
  • 75 Thingamajig Cards
  • 75 Theme Cards
  • 140 Word Tiles - featuring 280 words
  • Timer - 90 seconds to jot out your best story
  • Card Box - holds the picture cards

Object of the Game

When time is up, you'll win a point if you crammed all the elements into your story and you'll win another point if the Jabber likes your story the best.

You'll fall on the floor laughing when you hear the outrageous stories your friends and family create. Score the most points and you win the game!


  • Remove the card box and bag of tiles and place them on the table. The first time you play, you'll need to punch out the word tiles and place them in the bag.

    The background color of the cards correspond to the category color and should be placed in front of the dividers inside the card holder.

  • Choose the first jabber who will pick their favorite story for the first round as well as all the story elements. Everyone will get a chance to be the Jabber.

Game Play

  1. Jabber chooses story elements

    The Jabber picks one Theme Card, three Picture Cards from any of the categories (Hipster, Globetrotter, or Thingamajig), then three Word Tiles at random from the bag.

    Jabber picks which side of each double-sided element they would like to be included in the story and places them face up on the table for all the players to see.

    Theme Cards

  2. Jabber starts timer

    Jabber starts timer after everyone has had a chance to review the theme, pictures, words.

    All players, including the Jabber, have 90 seconds to jot out a story about anything within the three pictures that includes the three words and incorporates the theme.

    Story length is up to each player. Either write your stories on paper or type them into your phone.

  3. Read Stories

    When time is up, players text or give their stories to the player who is to the RIGHT of the Jabber who will be the Reader.

    The Reader makes sure the stories can be read clearly, then reads each one aloud, concealing each player's identity from the Jabber.

    The other players can fall on the floor laughing but must not give away which story is theirs.

  4. Jabber chooses their favorite story

    Jabber chooses their favorite story and can jabber about why. The player who wrote the winning story is awarded the Theme Card from this round which is worth one point. The Jabber cannot choose their own story.

    Every player, including the Jabber, who included elements from all the picture cards, each of the words, and the theme wins a picture card which counts as a point. Jabber returns the word tiles to the bag and discards the picture cards.

  5. Player to jabber's left is new jabber

    Repeat steps 1-7 until everyone has had a chance to be the Jabber.

End of the Game

After each person has had a chance to be the Jabber, count your cards which are each worth one point. The player with the most points wins the game!

Thingamajig Cards

Just Write It!

Writing JabberJot stories is a ton of fun. Just start writing about the pictures using the theme. Sprinkle in the words where you can and don't worry about it all making sense.

The wackier it is, the more fun it is to read! Just get your thoughts on paper and you'll be happily surprised at how great it will turn out.

Jabberjot story example:

Here's an example of a JabberJot story writtten in 90 seconds, based on these pictures, words, and themes: a musician, a phone booth, the desert and the words "rebel", "tasty", and "juggle". The theme is Time Travel:

David had a lot to juggle in his life. He worked as a phone repairman and also played guitar in his band, The Rebels. One day, he was repairing a phone booth when it suddenly zapped him back through time to when his town was only a desert. "How tasty!" he shouted

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