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Rating: 6.8 Good
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45-80 minutes

Official Site:

Created by: Wolfgang Warsch, Weberson Santiago

Published by: Cranio Creations, Feuerland Spiele, Maldito Games


In Fuji, you play as a group of adventurers on their way to Japan's most famous volcano, Mount Fuji. But just before you arrive at your destination, the earth begins to shake and the volcano erupts!

Now your group must escape the deadly lava flows as quickly as possible to reach the safe village.

In this cooperative dice game, players simultaneously and secretely roll their dice behind their screens in each round.

During the game, you must find the best way across a certain number of terrain cards to the safe village for each player. Each terrain card has a given dice requirement.

You can move to a card only if you match this requirement better than both your neighbors - but since you know only your own dice and can communicate only vaguely, you will need both skill and luck to save yourselves.

The game ends with a success if all players reach the village. It fails if one of you falls victim to the lava or becomes too exhausted to proceed.

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A cooperative dice game by Wolfgang Warsch For 2-4 players, age 10 years and up Playing time: 30-60 min

In Fuji, you take on the role of an adventurer who wants to explore the most famous volcano in Japan, Mount Fuji. But shortly before you reach your goal, the ground starts to shake. The volcano that has slept for over 200 years is erupting!

You must flee from the deadly lava streams as quickly as possible. Can everyone reach the safe village in time before one of your group members falls victim to the lava or their own fatigue? Only by working together and with some luck will you be able to win this race against time! …

There are two different variants for playing the game with 2 players. Choose one, depending on your personal preferences:

A. Quicker setup, easier to learn and master, but more luck

During setup, perform this additional step:

  • Place a third screen between yourself and your teammate, so that neither of you can see behind it. Place a third set of 6 dice nearby.

During the game the following additional rules apply:

  • Roll 3 of the additional dice behind the third screen, so that neither of you can see the result. Roll the other 3 additional dice in front of the third screen, so both of you can see the result. …

Skill Cards

Here you can find a detailed explanation of the skill cards.

  • Equipment Manager

    Receives 6 dice and 4 equipment cards at the start of the game. You choose 2 equipment cards and put the rest under the draw pile.

    SKILL: You can give your own equipment cards to your teammates at any time. You do not need to be on the same landscape or village card. You may still pass equipment with a broken arm.

  • Scout

    Receives 5 dice and 2 equipment cards at the start of the game. …

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