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Once per turn, the Electrician may add (or remove) a wire token to a component on her tile for free. She also starts the game with the most health of all the adventurers.


Hie Surveyor starts with 2 tiles at die beginning of the game and can hold 4 in hand. He can also give tiles to other players on his tile or an adjacent tile for free at any time.


The Knotsmith may spend actions to repair the rope belonging to a player on his tile or an adjacent tile by 1 point of wear per action.


The Navigator may move another player 3 tiles per action, and may use teleporters while doing so.

When she moves the Climber this way he can use his powers to cross clouds and take one other player with him-including the Navigator!


The Medic may spend actions to heal an adventurer on her tile or an adjacent tile by 1 point of health per action.


The Climber may jump over clouds that appear between two adjacent platform tiles. He may take one other player with him whenever he moves, even across clouds and through teleporters.

Additionally, if the Climber is blown across clouds between adjacent tiles by a High Winds card, he crosses without losing any rope and may take another player with him.

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