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The Goblin Sneak

When the Goblin Sneak visits the same location as one or more opponents, prior to activating any effects , you may attempt to pickpocket. Choose an opponent present at the location and name a category.

That opponent must give you a card containing a book of that category, if able, or show you a hand containing none. Repeat this process for each opponent present at that location. Any cards acquired this way may be shelved.

The Automaton

When the Automaton visits a location or your library, prior to activating any effects ,you may perform one home action for each of your other assistants already present at the location.

The Mummy

When the Mummy shelves a card, you may entomb the card by placing it either directly on top of, or directly underneath, a previously shelved card in your bookshelf. The bottom card of the stack is flipped face down and its icons no longer count during scoring.

You may never have more than one card under each card in your bookshelf. At the end of the game, entombed cards in your bookshelf are worth 2 points each. Add the total to your shelf stability bonus.

Note: If the top card of an entombed stack is discarded for any reason, the card remaining underneath is no longer considered entombed, but stays flipped face down.

The Gelatinous Cube

If an opposing assistant visits the same location as the gelatinous cube, prior to activating any effects or abilities , they must either:

  1. Give you a random card from their hand -or-
  2. Allow you to perform both home actions

The Sasquatch

The Sasquatch may only visit locations where opposing assistants are not present. If an opposing assistant visits the same location as the Sasquatch, before they activate any effects or abilities , you may choose to retrieve the Sasquatch - it may be placed again on a subsequent turn this round.

The Bookworm

When the Bookworm visits a home action space, you may perform both home actions. Afterward, you may discard a card from your hand or bookshelf to repeat the process once.

The Ghost

The Ghost may not visit the Diviner's Hut . (The Diviner has warded her hut from uninvited spirits). You may place the Ghost on assistant spaces that are occupied by opposing assistants at locations with instant effects; the two assistants share the space. When you do so, prior to activating any effects or abilities , draw one card from the deck. Afterward, activate the location's effect. You may not use this ability on locations with delayed effects.

The Snowman

As long as the Snowman is on an assistant space at a location with an instant effect, no more assistants may visit the location.

The Trash Golem

If the Trash Golem is present at a location during step 2 of the Resolution Phase, you may choose one card that would be discarded from each location as it resolves and either take it or shelve it. Continue this process until the Trash Golem's location itself is resolved and its token returns to you.

The Wizard

When the Wizard shelves a card, you may shift a group of any number of adjacent cards in your bookshelf one space in any direction to create one or more empty spaces, then shelve the new card in a newly created empty space. Your bookshelf may disconnect temporarily, so long as it follows all shelving rules after the new card is added.

The Witch

Any time the Witch acquires a card containing at least one Banned Book, reveal the top card of the deck. You may take either the original card or the revealed card, then discard whichever card you did not take.

The Fire Imp

When the Fire Imp visits a location with one or more cards in its card area, prior to activating any effects ,you may either:

  1. Discard one card from the location's card area to perform one home action -or-
  2. Discard ALL cards from the location's card area to perform two home actions

Note: If a location tile has only one card in its card area, you may only choose option A above.

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