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Rating: 6.7 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45 minutes

Created by: Phil Walker-Harding, Claus Stephan

Published by: ABACUSSPIELE, G3, 999 Games

Alternate Names: Kakao


Cacao is a worker-placement tile laying game where players lead their tribes to fame and wealth by growing and trading in cacao. The game feels familiar to Carcassonne.

The players have a stack of tiles with zero to three worker icons on each side. They build with the tiles the board and activate the jungle tiles with their worker tiles, getting cacao, trading it for money, getting water, mining gold and bring offers to the gods.

The goal of the game is to earn the most gold, most of which comes through the sales of cacao, but with a significant swing coming from the water track or from temples.

Retail Price:$21
Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015
Cacao: Big Market
Cacao: Big Market & Golden Temple
Cacao: Chocolatl
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Spiel des Jahres Recommended 2015
Spiel der Spiele Hit für Familien Recommended 2015
Jocul Anului în România Beginners Finalist 2015
Golden Geek Best Family Board Game Nominee 2015

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Game Components

  • 44 Worker tiles - backs in player colors
  • 4 water carriers in wood
  • 4 Village boards - backs in player colors
  • 28 Jungle tiles - gray backs
  • 8x plantations
  • 7x markets
  • 3x gold mines
  • 3x water
  • 2x sun worshiping
  • 5x temple
  • 20 cacao fruits
  • 12 Sun tokens
  • 48 gold coins
  • 1 rule book
  • 1 overview sheet for Jungle tiles


Each player chooses an available player color. He takes the Village board, the water carrier and the Worker tiles of that color. He places the village board in front of him and puts the water carrier on the water field with the value "-10". …


For each of your activated workers on the adjacent edge of the tile, you may take 1 or 2 cacao fruit from the supply.

You put them individually on 1 unoccupied storage space on your village board. Each player has 5 storage spaces and may never store more than 5 cacao fruits, any additional fruits that you acquire go to waste.


For each of your activated workers on the adjacent edge of the tile, you may sell 1 cacao fruit from your storage for 2, 3 or 4 gold. …

CaCao: Diamante contains 4 expansion modules that can be integrated individually or in any combination into the CaCao base game. In addition, these new modules can be combined with the modules from CaCao: chocolate in any way you desire.

The "Big Game" variant makes it possible to play using all the modules from both expansions and all elements of the base game together. The rules of the base game apply, with the changes described below.

The Gem Mines


  • 5 jungle tiles
  • 5x Gem Mines
  • 7 mask tiles
  • 1 minecart
  • 32 plastic gems


Remove the five temples and return them to the box. Add the five gem mines and shuffle the Jungle draw pile. …

Cacao - Chocolatl contains 4 expansion modules that may be integrated with the basic game of Cacao, individually or in any combination. The rules of the base game apply, except where noted by a module's rules.

Map Module


  • 1 Map board
  • 8 Map tokens


Give each player 2 Map tokens. Put any remaining Map tokens in the box.

After shuffling the Jungle draw pile, place the Map board directly next to it. Then, instead of drawing 2 Jungle tiles from the draw pile, draw 4. …

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