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The exciting game of three-dimensional strategy!


The game consists of the following parts:

  • rotating turntable with 100 squares.
  • 44 Blokus pieces in 4 colors.
  • 4 masks Each of the 11 pieces in a given color has a different shape.

Object of the Game

Place your pieces so you have the most visible on top of the stack


1. Each player chooses a set of 11 pieces, all the same color.

2. Place the turntable on a flat surface.

3. Choose one of 4 masks corresponding to the structure A, B, C, or D (see fig. 5) and put it on the rotating turntable.

Game Play

The First Round

1. The first player starts by placing a piece on the game board. The piece must stay within the perimeter of the mask and not violate the shape or height limitation of the structure (see fig. 2 and 5).

2. The remaining players place their first pieces, staying within the shape of the structure (as defined in fig. 5) so that they touch at least one face of any previously placed piece(s) and the game board (see fig. 3).

Subsequent Rounds

3. After the first round, all pieces must be placed so that they touch at least one face of a piece of the same color. (see fig. 4)

For example, a yellow piece must be placed so that it touches at least one face of another yellow piece.

Important: This piece can also touch the faces of red, blue or green pieces as long as at least one yellow face touches another yellow face.

Note: Rotate the turntable before placing pieces to see all placement options.

Height Restrictions

Depending on the structure you have chosen to build and the number of players, the following restrictions are placed on the maximum height and shape of each structure (the height is given in number of cubes):

Additional Rules For Placing Pieces

  • Pieces must be placed so that they fit within the shape of the structure (as defined in fig. 5).

  • No part of any piece may extend beyond the perimeter of the structure or mask.

  • No part of any piece may exceed the height limitations of the structure.

  • Pieces should be placed so that no gaps, holes or tunnels are created that could not be filled by pieces placed from above (see fig. 6).

  • Pieces should only be placed from above.

  • If a player has a move, he or she must make the play. Players cannot "pass" if a move is possible.

  • If at any point in the game a player cannot place a piece on the game board, he or she may not place any more pieces in that game.

End of the Game

The game ends when players are unable to add any more pieces to the structure.

Each player receives one point for each face (square) of their pieces visible from above. After counting visible faces, players must deduct a point for each piece that could not be placed by game's end.

The player with the most points is the winner.

In fig. 7, blue earns 5 points, red earns 6 points, yellow earns 4 points and green earns 4 points (5 points minus a remaining piece). Red wins!

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