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Once you are familiar with the rules of Black Angel, you can integrate the advanced rules for a more complete gameplay experience. The rules are identical to the basic game, except for the following:

Technology Tiles

You will use both sides of the Technology tiles:

  • The standard side, which bears a icon in the upper-left corner.

  • The boost side, which bears a white upper border.

During setup, as well as when new Technology tiles appear, these tiles must always be placed boost side up.

When you use the Discover Technology action on the Black Angel board to take Technology tiles, you must also inject them into your grid boost side up.

"1x" Effect

The boost side of these tiles provides a "1x" effect, which can improve an action only one time. When you perform the action corresponding to the "1x" effect of a Technology tile you have on your player board, you can flip this tile over to improve your action. The tile will now be on its standard side.

Important: When you play a card around your player board (A1. Play a card around your player board), only the tiles that are standard side up can be activated.

You are welcome to flip one or more tiles from their boost side to their standard side "prematurely" so they can be activated this way, but by doing so, you forfeit their "1x" effect.

Example: Noélie buys Valentin's value-1 green die by giving him 1 resource. Noelie then uses the "1x" effect of a Technology tile she has on her player board (see the illustration above, on the left) to give it a value of 3 and thus perform a more potent action.

Noelie flips the tile she used, and from now on, each time she activates this tile either by a card or via debris, she will earn 1 VP (see the illustration above, on the right).

Draw two cards matching the color of the chosen die, keep one of them, and put the die in its supply

Draw two cards matching the color of the die you used to perform your action, look at them, then keep one of them and discard the other. Then return the die to its supply.

Note: If you have modified the color of your die through a "1*" effect of a technology, the cards you draw must match the original color of your die.

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