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  • 10 Joker Tiles
  • Bag
  • Instructions


In a game with 3 or 4 players, remove 2 tiles of each color from the game and replace them with the 10 joker tiles.

In a game with 2 players, remove 1 tile of each color from the game and replace them with 5 joker tiles.

Game Play

On your turn, when you must pick tiles, you can pick all joker tiles from any one Factory display OR the center of the table. If you do, in addition, you may then also pick all tiles of one other color from the same location (if possible).

Following the usual rules, you must then add all tiles you picked to one pattern line (placing any excess ones in the floor line).

This means, any of your pattern lines may contain tiles of one color and/or joker tiles.

During the Wall-tiling phase, if a complete pattern line includes any joker tiles, the order of its tiles must be rearranged so that the rightmost space holds a joker tile.

Then, move that rightmost joker tile over to your corresponding line on the wall as usual:

  • If the pattern line only contains joker tiles, place that joker tile onto any free space of the corresponding line on the wall.

  • If the pattern line includes another color, place the joker tile onto the space of that color (provided you play with the colored wall side].

Then score as usual.

Further Rules:

If a joker tile occupies a space on the wall of a certain color, you MAY NOT place tiles of that color in the corresponding pattern line any more.

Any vertical or horizontal line on the wall may include several joker tiles.

At the end of the game, joker tiles DO NOT count as any color.

For example, if you have 4 blue tiles and one joker tile on the blue spaces of your wall, you do not get the 10 additional points for having 5 tiles of one color.

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