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This expansion introduces a new element to the game: Magician Powers. These offer a powerful new way to customize your Magician and add further strategic depth to your game.The Magician Powers variant can only be played together with the Dark Alley variant.

The following changes apply to the basic game rules when playing with Magician Powers:

General Setup

Shuffle each of the three Power decks (yellow, orange and red), then place them face down next to the Main Game Board where players can conveniently reach them. Similarly to Trick cards, Magician Powers of different colors also have Fame Thresholds of 1, 16 or 36 (printed in a star on each side of the card).

Player Setup

In addition to the basic starting setup, each player receives 4 Magician Powers of each color (12 in total). Players then evaluate these cards and discard any 4, so they have 8 to use throughout the game.

Each player receives 3 Trickerion Shards instead of 1.

Assignment Phase

At the beginning of the 'Assignment' phase, each player may learn up to one Power card.

Powers are learned by placing them face up next to the Power slots on the left edge of the Player Game Board. A Power can only be placed next to a Power slot if

  • It is printed on the Power card as a valid slot
  • The slot is opened with Trickerion Shards (see below under Trickerion Shards)
  • You meet the Power's Fame Threshold (or pay the difference between the Fame Threshold and your actual Fame with Coins)

If a slot already has a Power placed next to it, you must return it to your hand before placing a new Power there.

Trickerion Shards

In this game variant, Trickerion Shards are stored on the Power slots of the Player Game Board by putting each received Shard on the Shard symbols there. Shards must be added from the bottom up (starting with the 1 Shard slot), and spent from the top down.

A Power slot with a Shard on all of its Shard symbols is considered open and Powers can be placed there. When a Shard is spent from a Power slot, the Power placed there is immediately returned to your hand.

In case you have a Shard on all slots, and have excess ones, those are spent first.

End of the Game

The final scoring is different from that of the base game or the Dark Alley expansion. All players receive:

  • 1 Fame per 3 leftover Coins
  • 2 Fame for each unused Special Assignment card in their hand

Players may potentially also gain Fame points for their Tricks with a Fame Threshold of 36. Each of these Tricks has a condition printed on the bottom.

If both the condition and the Trick's Component requirements are met, the player scores an amount of Fame stated in the condition at the end of the game.

In this game variant, Trickerion Shards do not grant Fame points at the end of the game by default.

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