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Plot Cards

The "Plot Thickens" introduces Plot cards. These cards provide additional opportunity for Character affiliations to he identified or concealed.

The Plot cards are marked to indicate which cards are included in the game for the number of players present.

  • Games of 5-6 players use 10 Plot cards;
  • Games with 7+ players use all 15 Plot cards.

Plot Cards are not secret and must remain face-up as soon as they're in play.

Distributing Plot Cards

At the beginning of each round, the Leader draws Plot cards (2 for 5-8 players or 3 for 9-10 players) and distributes the drawn Plot cards to the other players (not himself). Remember there are only 5 Rounds in the game.

Playing Plot Cards

There are three types of Plot cards:

  • Cards with the Leader symbol on them are used immediately then discarded.
  • Cards with a "one" icon 1 are held until used.
  • One card has a square icon which remains in play for the entire game.

If a situation arises in which multiple Plot Cards could be used, precedence and order are determined by proximity to the Leader (starting with the Leader in a clockwise manner).

Each player gets one chance to play any applicable cards, a player may not pass and then subsequently elect to play cards later in the same opportunity.

Information gained by the use of a Plot card can be discussed, but a player's character or Mission cards may never be shown to the other players.

Detailed Card Descriptions

Overheard Conversation

Use immediately - I he player to whom the Leader passes this card must look at the Character card of one adjacent player.

Opinion Maker

Permanent Effect - Ihe player to whom the Leader passes this card must select and reveal their Vote card before any other players have selected their Vote cards.

This card remains in effect until the end of the game. II two "Opinion Maker" cards are in play those, players must reveal their votes simultaneously.

Establish Confidence

Use immediately - I he Leader must pass their Character card to any other player lor examination.

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