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Rating: 7.2 Good
Difficulty:Very easy
Players: 2-4 players
Playing time: 45-60 minutes

Official Site: The Grimm Forest (official)

Created by: Tim Eisner, Noah Adelman, Lina Cossette, David Forest

Published by: Druid City Games


Welcome to The Grimm Forest, where family members of the legendary Three Little Pigs are having an epic house building competition. But this is no ordinary competition as all the most famous Fairy Tale characters will be looking on and occasionally lending a hand.

Who will benefit most from the cunning of Robin Hood, the beauty of Snow White, the bountiful gifts of the Golden Goose or the dark witchcraft of the Evil Queen?

Using only their wits, a handful of sharp steel tools, and a few stacks of resources gathered at great risk from fields, brickyards, and even the dark and deadly Grimm Forest itself, each player must compete to be the first to build 3 Houses and gain the title of Royal Builder.

Players are encouraged to use any of the devious tricks they have read about in the many books of Fables found throughout the land. Some will have their plans wrecked by that villain of old, the Big Bad Wolf, while others will gain bricks, straw, and wood by the cart load.

Who will brave the dangers, avoid foul monsters, and bring home the victory? There is only one way to find out... get ready to venture into ...The Grimm Forest!

Grimm Forest is a 2-4 player strategic game of Hidden Movement, Resource Gathering, and House Building. It is a medium weight game that plays in approximately 45-60 minutes.

During the game, players will play cards secretly to move to various Location boards where they attempt to gather resources. Using their deduction skills and a hand full of Fable cards, players attempt to guess each other's plans and make the most of their actions while disrupting the other player's plans.

After resources are collected during the Gather Phase, players will enter a Building Phase where they can use those resources to build Wood, Straw, or Brick Houses. Whenever a player builds a Wall Section on one of their houses, a helpful Friend from the nearby forest comes to lend a hand. Players may choose to accept the help of that Friend, but occasionally it makes more sense to send that Friend to a different player, sometimes discarding their current Friend in the process.

With 16 unique Fable cards and 12 powerful Friend cards, gathering resources in the Grimm Forest can be a difficult and challenging endeavor.

Work hard, deduce correctly, avoid the treachery of the other builders and the sharp teeth of the lurking monsters, and you just might have a chance!

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The Grimm Forest: Midsummer Festival
The Grimm Forest: No Permit

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In The Grimm Forest , you are a niece or nephew of one of the 3 Little Pigs of legendary fame, competing to build a set of three houses quickly out of Straw, Wood, or Brick. Players make secret plans to travel to certain areas of the Grimm Forest to gather limited amounts of resources that are available there.

If more than one Pig goes to the same location, you must share the resources found there, but if you end up alone, you get all the resources from that site. Fable cards allow you to trick and deceive the other Pigs as you all scramble to gather enough resources to build your houses. …

Each player may have any number of Fable cards in their hand at a time, but may only play one per round along with their Gather card during the Gather phase. Once a Fable is revealed, it tells you when it activates and what it does.

Fables usually provide a special ability once and are then discarded

Next Turn - A Fable with this symbol has an effect that takes place during the following round. After playing, place the card on the bottom of the Gather Location Boards so it is visible by all players. …

Each player may have ( at most ) one Friend card at a time. If you have a Friend card, it stays face up in front of you and provides a special benefit that repeats every round as long as you still have it. Each Friend card tells you when it activates and what it does. It is up to you to remember to activate your Friend at the appropriate moment.


Start of the Round Wish: Predict out loud whether you will end up Gathering alone or with other players. At the end of the Gather phase, gain 1 of each resource from the supply if you were correct. …

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