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Each player may have ( at most ) one Friend card at a time. If you have a Friend card, it stays face up in front of you and provides a special benefit that repeats every round as long as you still have it. Each Friend card tells you when it activates and what it does. It is up to you to remember to activate your Friend at the appropriate moment.


Start of the Round Wish: Predict out loud whether you will end up Gathering alone or with other players. At the end of the Gather phase, gain 1 of each resource from the supply if you were correct.

Ali Baba

Start of the Round

Sneaky: Steal 1 resource of your choice from one opponent's Player Board. If they Gather in the same Location as you, you must give them back the stolen resource.


After Gather Cards are Revealed Magic. Coach: Move to your Gather Location and gain 2 of the resources from the Location before any opponents move. Then all players commence Gathering as normal. Cinderella gains the 2 resources before a Wolf would steal them. The resources gained by Cinderella are not part of the Gather so are not counted by Bridge Troll and Share the Wealth.

Evil Queen

Start of the Round

Witchcraft: Wait until all other players have chosen their Gather and Fable cards; then choose 1 opponent and peek at either their face-down Gather card or Fable card. Then play your own Gather and Fable cards.

Fairy Godmother

/Special Action

Magic Wand: Special Action! Gain 2 Fable Cards. You may discard Fairy Godmother during your turn to discard 2 Fable cards from your hand, and gain 2 resources ( of your choice in any combination ) from the supply.

Frog Prince

End of Gather Phase

The Spell is Broken: If you are not alone in your Location, discard the Frog Prince and gain a new Friend from the deck. Do not redraw the Frog Prince. Then gain 1 resource of your choice from the supply.

The Gingerbread Man

After Gather Cards are Revealed

You Can't Catch Me!: Instead of going to your Location ( and before other players go to their Locations ) you may choose to take 1 resource of your choice from each Location. If you use his ability, you do not Gather this round; you are therefore not considered to be alone nor with other players for purposes of Fable cards.

The Golden Goose

End Of Gather Phase

Golden Eggs: If you are alone in your Location, gain 1 resource of your choice from the Supply. You may discard The Golden Goose during your turn to gain any 2 resources of your choice from the Supply.


Special Action

This One is Just Right: Special Action! Draw the top 3 Fable cards from the deck and peek at them. Choose 1 to add to your hand, and put the other two back on top of the deck in any order.

Hansel & Gretel

Build Phase

Hungry: All opponents' Walls sections cost one extra resource ( of the appropriate type ) to build. They must give that extra resource to you , instead of paying it to the supply.

The Huntsman

Start of the Round

Monster Slayer: At the Start of the Round, all opponents must play a Fable card, if they have any. If any Monster is present in your Location, cancel its effects and gain 1 resource of each type from the supply.

Jack The Giant Slayer

After Gather Cards Are Revealed Beanstalk: Add 2 resources to your Location, of one type produced there.You may discard Jack the Giant Slayer to cancel the effects of the Giant.

Little Mermaid

When Gained, Special Action Cruel Bargain: When Gained, choose 2 of your Gather cards to keep in your hand, and place the rest face down under the Little Mermaid ; you may not use those face-down cards while the Little Mermaid remains your friend ( but will get them back when you lose her by acquiring a new Friend ). As a Special Action , gain 1 of each resource.


Start of the Round Liar, Liar...: Declare out loud which Gather card you will be playing. At the end of the Gather phase, if you told the truth, gain 2 resources of any one type produced at the Location you declared.

Puss In Boots

Special Action Beguile: Special Action!

Build a house section, following all of the normal rules. You may pay part of the cost using 1 appropriate resource from an opponent's Player Board.


Start of the Round, Special Action. +Locked Away: At the start of the round, take 2 resources of one type of your choice from the supply and place them on Rapunzel. As a Special Action if you are alone at a location, gain all resources on Rapunzel. The resources will accumulate if they are not removed with the Special Action. You may choose to add a new type of resource to Rapunzel each round. If you lose Rapunzel as a Friend while resources remain on her, they are returned to the supply.

Red Riding Hood

Special Action, Discard Wolf Lore: Special Action! Discard the top 5 Fable cards from the deck into the face-up discard pile. If there are any Wolf cards among the discarded cards, take them into your hand; if none of the discarded cards were a Wolf , draw 1 Fable from the deck. You may discard Red Riding Hood to cancel the effects of a Wolf or the Big Bad Wolf.

Robin Hood

Build Phase

Rob From the Rich: At the end of the Build phase, each opponent that has more total resources than you on their Player Board must give you 1 resource of their choice.

Rumpelstiltskin /Start of the Build Phase, Special Action.

Master Craftsman: At the start of the Build phase, gain 1 Straw from the supply. As a Special Action , you may discard all of your Straw to the supply, to take the same amount of either Wood or Brick ( your choice which, but one type only ) from the supply.

The Seven Dwarfs

End Of Gather Phase Secret Tunnels: If you are alone at your Location, you may perform 1 additional Build phase action on your turn.

Sleeping Beauty

Start of the Round Endless Dreams: Choose any player ( including yourself ). That player must take the top card from the Fable deck and play it as their only Fable card this round, as if it had been played from their hand.The player may not look at the Fable card until it is revealed; they must play their Gather card without knowing what the Fable will be.

Snow White

End of Gather Phase

The Fairest in the Land: All opponents at your Location must give you a Fable card of their choice from their hand. If an opponent at your Location has no Fable cards, they must give you one resource of your choice from their Player Board.


After Gather Cards are Revealed Winged Friends: You may ( once per Gather Phase ) shuffle your unplayed Gather cards, reveal one at random, and move to that Location instead of the Location you initially played.

Tom Thumb

Start of the Round Gather Scraps: You may take 1 resource from a Location of your choice.

The Wood Cutter

Special Action, Discard

Sharpened Axe: Special Action! Gain 2 Wood and place 2 Wood onto the Forest Location. You may discard The Wood Cutter to cancel the effects of any one Monster.

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