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Goals to win the Solitaire Game:


  1. Achieve at least one of each of your Curator and Art Dealer goals;
  2. Acquire at least 4 Reputation tiles;
  3. Acquire at least 1 Masterpiece;
  4. Have at least 160 money.


  1. Achieve the highest goal of the Curator card and one goal of the Art dealer card;
  2. Acquire at least 5 Reputation tiles;
  3. Acquire at least 2 Masterpieces;
  4. Have at least 180 money.

The Master Gallerist

  1. Get at least 35 money in total from Curator and Art Dealer goals;
  2. Acquire at least 5 Reputation tiles;
  3. Acquire at least 3 Masterpieces.


Follow the normal game setup, with the following exceptions:

  • Choose a Player color to represent the dummy Player (Lacerda). Place Lacerda's Gallerist pawn and all his Assistants near the game board.

  • Place 10 tickets of each color in the box office.

  • Place 8 random Reputation tiles in the 1st and 3rd columns of the top part of the International Market. The middle column is not used.

  • Take 4 Visitors of each type and put them back in the box.

Game Play

You play first. After your first turn, place Lacerda's pawn on the opposite Location of the game board. After each of your subsequent turns, Lacerda moves clockwise one Location, leaving an Assistant behind at each place.

As usual, if he kicks you or your Assistant out of a Location, you can take a Kicked-Out Action.

Lacerda does not take any Location or Executive Actions except at the International Market.

If you Kicked-Out any of Lacerda's Assistants, place the Assistant back in his supply by the side of the game board and discard one ticket from the stack with the most tickets; in case of a tie, discard from any tied stack.

If you Kicked-Out Lacerda's Gallerist, he also discards one ticket, and he will simply continue moving clockwise in his turn; i.e. you can't disrupt Lacerda's clockwise movement.

International Market

Every time Lacerda moves to the International Market, or he or any of his Assistants is Kicked- Out from there by you, place one of Lacerda's Assistants onto the table in the first available empty space, starting in the top left, moving right, and then to the next row.

The first of Lacerda's Assistants is placed in the top part (Reputation tile). The second is placed in the bottom part (Auction).

This sequence is repeated during the game, so the 3rd, 5th, etc., Assistants are placed in the top part, and the 2nd, 4th, etc., are placed in the bottom part. If any part of the table is filled, the Assistants are placed on the unfilled part until the table is completed.

When one of Lacerda's Assistants is placed on a space with a Reputation tile, that tile is discarded.

Example: Lacerda moves to the International Market. He already has 2 Assistants in the Reputation part of the table, and also 2 in the auction part. So this will be the 5th of Lacerda's Assistants placed in the table, and it is therefore placed in the top part.

The Assistant is placed on the first empty space nearest the top left and the Reputation tile is discarded.

End Of Solitaire Game

The solo game ends at the end of the round in which the last ticket is taken from the box office. Then, you take one more action (at a different location to the one you are currently at).

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