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Each variant can be used on its own or combined with other variants.

Fashionable Diet

At the end of the game, each Meeple that's not part of a complete set makes you lose 1 point! You have to take care what you put in your mouth!

Tailor-made Monster

At the start of the game, each player receives 3 cards of each type (Character, Power and Secret Superpower), keeps 1 of each of his choice, then places the cards not chosen back in the box.

Baby Monsters

In this variant, the players begin the game with only 1 Character card.

At the end of his turn, a player can discard 1 Floor from his Stomach to gain a second card. The player draws 1 card from each deck, keeps one card of his choice, then places the others in the box out of play.

The cost of subsequent cards increases by 1 for each purchase. You can buy multiple cards at the end of your turn as long as you have enough Floors to pay.

Example: Acquiring a third card costs 2 Floors, a fourth one 3 Floors, and so on...

Note: Floors discarded this way are returned to the box and worth no points at the end of the game!

Team Play

The players compete in teams of two. At the beginning of the game, each team receives one Power card, which will be common to the two Monsters on the team. Each player receives a Character and a Secret Superpower as in the normal game.

The players of a given team play on the same turn, and they have 3 actions to split between them as they like. For example, one teammate can perform all 3 actions if the other player is in a good position. Once the 3 actions are performed, the two Monsters chow down at the same time. Then the other team takes its turn.

Each player keeps the Meeples his Monster has eaten in his own Stomach. Gobbled Floors are claimed by the player who just performed an action.

At the end of the game, each player tallies his score (Character, Meeple, Floors, Teeth) but only the points of the lower-scoring player are taken into account. The team with the highest score wins.

Example: Jeff and Britta, the first team, end the game with scores of 41 and 34. Thus, their team score is 34. The other team, Abed and Shirley, ends the game with scores of 24 and 49. Thus, their team score is 24, and they lose the game...

Clarification: For the Character cards Shy, Mean, Seductive, Pacifist, Young, Tourist, Destructive, Glutton and Seer, you must also have more of the item in question than your teammate. You may look inside your teammate's Stomach.

Team Play for More than 4

By using two copies of the game, you can play with up to 8 people: • Place two boards together, with the parks of each board being placed side-by-side.

  • Build a large city using the contents of the two boxes.

  • Make teams (e.g., 2 teams of 3 Monsters or 4 teams of 2 Monsters)

  • Use the rules for team play, with each team having a number of actions equal to the number of team members +1. The team score is the lowest one from among all team members.

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