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  • 4 Body pawns
  • 4 Paws tokens
  • 4 Mouth/Stomach player screens
  • 16 Teeth tokens
  • 1 City board
  • 1 Runaway board
  • 90 Meeples
  • 4 Vehicles
  • 19 Floor tiles
  • 6 Ruin stickers
  • 1 large square Ruin
  • 48 Monster cards
  • 1 puzzle piece
  • 1 game aids
  • Instructions

Object of the Game

You arrive in Meeple City as a gigantic, famished, scaly-skinned Monster! Your goal: Dig your claws and dirty paws into the asphalt, destroy buildings, and devour innocent Meeples - in short: sow terror while having fun.

The Monster who has caused the most damage after the carnage finally ends wins the game.

Note: Meeple, pronounced "me-pul", refers to the miniature wooden people who represent the inhabitants of the city.


Before playing your first game, you must assemble some elements as follows:

Prepare the Game Board:

  • Attach the 6 Ruins (4 squares and 2 rectangles) to the City board. To do this, remove the yellow protective film, then carefully place the Ruin on one of the designated spaces: the square Ruins on the square spaces, and the rectangular Ruins on the rectangular spaces.

    Make sure each Ruin is set within the sidewalks.

  • For the central Ruin (large square), the procedure is different. First, assemble the game board with the help of the puzzle piece.

    Then, remove the protective film from the puzzle piece and place the Ruin on it. Make sure that the Ruin is set within the sidewalks.

Constructing the City

  • Place the game board in the middle of the table. Clip the two parts together using the central Ruin.

  • Create the Buildings as shown in the illustration. Draw Meeples at random from the box when constructing buildings as their color is not important at this point.

  • Finally, place a Meeple on the roof on each Building. Place all remaining Meeples on the stadium in the center of the board.

  • Place each Vehicle on the space matching its color.

  • Place the Runaway board on the table away from the City board. Before the game begins, decide whether to use the A or B side of this board.

Preparing the Monsters

  • Each player takes a screen and a Monster (Body + Paws) of the same color, as well as 4 Teeth tokens; place the Teeth on the appropriate spaces of the Mouth (screen).

  • Then, each player places his Monster on the starting area closest to him; place the Paws in the starting area, then the Body on the Paws.

  • Shuffle the cards and deal one of each type (Character, Power, and Secret Superpower) to each player. Return the remaining cards to the box. Players then reveal their Character and Power cards to everyone, while keeping the Secret Superpower card a secret. (Yes, really!)

Note: Before beginning the game, each player should go around the table and introduce his Monster by giving the name of its Character card and explaining how it works, then naming its Power card and explaining how that works, too.

Game Play

The player who does the most convincing imitation of a giant monster starts the game. The players play in turn, going clockwise.

On his turn, a player performs 2 actions from those described below, repeating the same action if desired. Then, his Monster chows down!


Your Monster enthusiastically explores the playground stretching out under its clawed paws!

Remove the Body of your Monster from the board so that only its Paws remain. Flick your finger to send the Paws to the spot where you want your Monster to end up (or try to anyway). Then replace the Body on its Paws.

Clarification: If a player shoots his Monster's Paws out of the City, the Monster immediately loses 1 Tooth, which is returned to the box! He then places his Paws on an empty starting area of his choice and continues his turn normally.

See «General Clarifications» for what to do if a Monster must lose a Tooth, but has none left to lose.


Your Monster devours many cubic meters of reinforced concrete for breakfast each day!

If your Monster's Paws token is touching the Sidewalk surrounding a Building, you can attempt to demolish that Building. To do this, take the Body of your Monster, hold it over the relevant Building (while still seated with your arm parallel to the table), then drop it on the Building.

Clarification: The player is free to drop the Body from anywhere above that building. He doesn't need to drop it right over its Paws. If the Monster does not hit the Building, it immediately loses 1 Tooth, which is returned to the box!

Toss a Vehicle

Your Monster would like to qualify for the shot put event at the Olympic Games!

If your Monster is in the same Neighborhood as a Vehicle, you can toss it. To do this, place the Vehicle on the top of your Mon- ster's Body, then send it flying with a flick of your finger.

Clarification: If a Vehicle leaves the City, return it to the City by placing it on the space of its color, as during set-up.

A player can hold and tilt his Monster's Body for a vehicle toss.


Your Monster can spew the dubious contents of its radioactive glands on the asphalt!

Place your chin on the top of your Monster's Body, then inhale and blow!

Clarification: You are allowed to hold the Body with one hand. You cannot inhale before placing your chinon the Body.

Collateral Damage


Flying paw strike to your face!

If you knock down the Body of another Monster, whether in or out of the City, break off 1 of its 4 removable Teeth, then place it in your Stomach.

That Body remains in place, forming an obstacle if in the City; that Monster cannot lose another of its Teeth for as long as it remains on the ground. At the beginning of that Monster's next turn, its player places the Body on its Paws before taking any actions.

Clarification: If a Monster is no longer on its Paws but its Body is stil upright, the Monster hasn't fallen and the active player can't break off and claim a tooth.

Gobbling Buildings

Om-nom - concrete' good!

If a Floor has no elements on it (i.e., no Monster, Vehicle, Meeple, or Floor) after an action, the active player immediately claims this Floor, placing it in his Stomach.

Clarification: A Monster can gobble down many Floors one after another.

Runaway Meeples

In the midst of the ambient chaos, the most lucid Meeples wil attempt to flee the city!

If Meeples leave the City during your turn, place them on the Runaway board.

Clarification: A Meeple is considered to have run away from the City if its no longer touching the game board.

Side A:

Place the Meeples on the Runaway board, starting with the top line. When a line is filled, the active player suffers the negative effects after finishing his current action.

Clarification: Multiple negative effects can be triggered at the same time. (Ow!)

  • 1st and 4th lines : The Monster loses 1 of its Teeth, returning it to the box. Also, the next player takes the current player's Monster and places it in the Neighborhood of his choice.

  • 2nd and 5th lines : The Monster loses 1 of its Teeth. Also, all other players have one additional action until this player's next turn.

  • 3rd line : The Monster loses 2 of its Teeth!

  • 6th line : The game ends immediately! The players tally up their points to see who wins - except for the player who caused this event as that player immediately loses!

Side B:

Place the Meeples on the Runaway board in the appropriate color zone. When a zone is full, the active player suffers the negative effect after finishing his current action, then he re- turns these Meeples to the box to empty the zone.

  • Red Meeples (Heroes): Heroic Save!

    Effect: The active Monster loses 1 of its Teeth, and the player returns 4 Meeples of his choice from its Stomach to the game box.

  • Blue Meeples (Journalists): The Perfect Story!

    Effect: The active Monster loses 1 of its Teeth, and the player discards 1 card of his choice.

  • Green Meeples (Soldiers): Air Strike!

    Effect: The active Monster loses 2 of its Teeth.

  • Yellow Meeples (Blondes): Mass Hysteria!

    Effect: The active Monster loses 1 of its Teeth. Also, all other players have one additional action until the active Monster's next turn.

  • Black Meeples (Businessmen): Relocation!

    Effect: The active Monster loses 1 of its Teeth. Also, the next player takes the active Monster and places it in the Neighborhood of his choice.

  • Gray Meeples (Old Folks):

    The Old Folks aren't placed on Side B of the Runaway board. They're useless. Just return them to the box...

Clarification: Multiple different effects might be triggered at the same time. (Ow!) The same effect can trigger multiple times if enough Meeples of a given color run away al at once.

Chow Down

If you don't finish your meal, you won't get any dessert!

Once the Monster finishes its two actions, it's time to chow down!

Your Monster can devour the Meeples in its current Neighborhood - but Meeples can be eaten only if they're accessible and not supporting any game elements. Your Monster can eat as many Meeples as it has Teeth! Place the devoured Meeples in your Stomach.


  • A Monster starts the game with 6 Teeth (2 permanent and 4 breakable).

  • A Monster always has at least 2 Teeth (as the 2 Teeth depicted on the screen cannot be lost).

  • If the Monster's Paws stand on multiple Neighborhoods, the player chooses one Neighborhood from which to eat.

  • Note that Meeples which are completely on a Ruin or a Sidewalk aren't in a Neighborhood and thus cannot be eaten.

End of the Game

The game is nearly over when a player gobbles the final Floor or knocks it off the City; this player finishes his turn, then each other player takes one last turn. The game then ends, and players tally their points.

(Alternatively, the game ends immediately when the sixth line on side A of the Runaway board is full. The player who filled this line loses, while everyone else determines their score).

Each player calculates the extent of the damage caused by his Monster:

  • 10 points for each set of 6 Meeples of different colors (1 black, 1 gray, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 yellow); excess Meeples are worth no points!

  • 1 point for each Floor (regardless of the size)

  • 2 points for each Tooth taken from another Monster

  • X points earned for meeting the condition on the Monster's Character card

The player who scores the most points wins!

In case of a tie score, the tied player who ate the most total Meeples, regardless of color, wins the

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